Touhou Ship Week

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Name: Touhou Ship Week
Date(s): 2021 -2022
Moderator(s): suzunaan
Founder: suzunaan
Type: fanweek
Fandom: Touhou Project
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Touhou Ship Week is a recurring challenge in the Touhou Project fandom.

Challenge rules

Basic requirements to participate:

Additional things to keep in mind:

Any creative content welcome (art, fanfic, cosplay, etc.)!

  • We’ll reblog all tagged submissions that follow the rules. Mods reserve the right to not reblog content they judge to be in poor taste or harmful to other participants of the event.
  • Late submissions are OK! We’ll keep checking the tag for a while after the event has ended as well.
  • You can combine prompts or just choose one, the choice is up to you.
  • All genres are welcome: fluff, serious works, comedy, experimental pieces… interpret the prompts however you like.

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