Torino Awards/2002

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2002 First Place Second Place Third Place
Drama Story: The One Left Behind by Sue David & Valerie Wells Resonance by SunnyD Borders by Ellis Murdock
Mystery Story: Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells Borrowed Time by Skyler Blue Ivory Woman by Terrijo
Tearjerker Story: Never Been To Maine by Lola Heart Sight by Brit St. Cloud by Lola
Adventure Story: The Sacrifice by Brit Red Rose Ranch by Paula Wilshe & Keri T. Twisted by Andy
Action Story: Safe In My Home by Sue David & Valerie Wells Cause Unknown by Sue David & Valerie Wells Desperate Measures by Tibbie B.
Memento by Pepper
Horror Story: Down A Dark Hall by Striped Tomato Trick Or Treat by Momo & TLR Possession By The Vampire by Diane Stock
Humor Story: If You Can't Beat 'Em by Londonmaid C.Y.A. 101 by Ellis Murdock & Nightbird Please Help, My Wife Writes Fanfic! by The Blintz
Hutch Angst Story: Sliding Toward Zero by Rivanna Michaels Made Of Glass by Sue David Blackmail by Kathy K.
Starsky Angst Story: The One Left Behind by Sue David Resonance by SunyD Twisted by Andy
Hutch Comfort Story: Plaguing Perspectives by Paula Wilshe Invictus by Katherine Atkins Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells
Starsky Comfort Story: Tarnished Miracles by SunnyD Memory by Striped Tomato Borders by Ellis Murdock
Short Story: Angela's Prayer by Andy Capella by Ellis Murdock Tag-Along by Lola
Long Story: Vengeance Is Mine by Striped Tomato The One Left Behind by Sue David & Valerie Wells Crisscross by M.H.E. Priest
Series: Threads by Sue David & Valerie Wells Me And Thee Series by Jacqueline Coming Around Series by Paula Wilshe
Missing Scene: Bloodbath: Missing Scene by Valerie Wells Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline Scar Tissue by Keri T.
Ripples by Skyler Blue
Crossover Story: Partners by Beth H. Never Letting Go by Cynthia A Personal Emergency by E51writer
Alternate Universe Story: The Meet by M.H.E. Priest & Queena Foster They Come In My Dreams by Jerrye Home Through The Night by Brit
'It Should Have Been Filmed' Story: Night Of The Smoking Gun by Sue David & Valerie Wells Resonance by SunnyD Tag-Along by Lola
'I Can See It In My Head' Story: The Goliath by Suzan Lovett Symbiosis by Sue David Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline
Manny by Lola
Canon Good Guy Portrayal: "Bernie" in Bernie's Problem by Katherine Atkins
"Huggy" in Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells
"Starsky" in Friendship Redefined by Jacqueline "Huggy" in Chance Meetings by Linda B.
Canon Bad Guy Portrayal: "Gunther" in Threads by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Monk" in Things That Matter by Michelle "Diane Harmon" in Charmingly Fatal by Karen B.
Original Villian: "Eddie" in The Sacrifice by Brit "Vic Monte" in Crisscross by M.H.E. Priest "Heroin (personified)" in Faded Glory by Karen B.
Original Male Character: "Darryl Washington" in Bad Moon Rising by Dawnwind "Trevor Kelly" in Fire Dance by Sue David & Valerie Wells "Abe Soloman" in Secrets II: The Legacy by Momo & TLR
Original Female Character: "Tressa" in Borders by Ellis Murdock "Julianna" in Alliance Of Three by Leather "Hannah" in Love Child by Tooki
Angst Writer: Sue David Andy Paula Wilshe
Humor Writer: Londonmaid The Blintz Missy
Action Writer: M.H.E. Priest Sue David Rivanna Michaels
Drama Writer: Valerie Wells M.H.E. Priest Paula Wilshe
Mystery Writer: Ellis Murdock Valerie Wells Striped Tomato
Adventure Writer: Sue David Karen B. Brit
Tearjerker Writer: Brit Lola Rivanna Michaels
Comfort Writer: Paula Wilshe Brit Sue David
Crossover Writer: Valerie Wells Beth H. Cynthia
Overall Writer: Paula Wilshe Karen B. Ellis Murdock
New Fanfic Writer: Ellis Murdock Skyler Blue Amye
Author Partnership: Sue David & Valerie Wells Ellis Murdock & Nightbird Paula Wilshe & Keri T.
Beta Reader: Ellis Murdock Sue David Donna Engle
Poem: Shields Of Gold by Brit Our Legacy by Jerrye
Withstanding The Weather by Rivanna Michaels
Like The Sea And The Sky by Jerrye
Sweet Revenge by Sonja H van Schalm
Poetry Writer: Brit Sonja H van Schalm Jerrye
Fanfic Website: Bay City Library Writer's Block Starsky & Hutch Gen Archive