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A fannish favorite is stating one's Top Ten fanworks in a fandom.

Top Ten lists can take all sorts of forms and formats. A fan may list their Top Ten for a certain pairing, fandom, or may combine them; or they might list their Top Ten of All Time, Top Ten of a certain year, or Top Ten in a certain genre/theme, etc.

Sometimes Top Ten lists are generated by a community of fans voting for their faves.


Amongst the anime community, "Top Ten Anime [subject]" (such as "Top Ten Anime Betrayals" or "Top Ten Anime Fights") has become a meme because of how pervasive such videos were on YouTube, especially by channels like WatchMojo.

Fans also enjoy making Top Ten lists for anime in specific genres, released in specific time periods (such as over the past year or in that season), or just in general their all-time favorites. In some cases, Anitubers may also use Top Ten lists to promote other Anitubers' videos or channels, such as Mathwiz's Ten Anitube Videos I Enjoyed In 2018 video.