To Wherever It May Lead

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Title: To Wherever It May Lead
Publisher: Moraya
Date(s): 2007
Series?: no
Medium: print
Fandom: Lotrips
Language: English
External Links: To Wherever It May Lead LiveJournal
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To Wherever It May Lead fanzine cover

To Wherever It May Lead is a Lotrips fanzine of Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom slash[1].

From the Contributor (Livejournal):

To Wherever It May Lead is the second publication produced by the Viggorli Slash Fandom. Comprising a wide scope of authors and artists, the works within range from the classic New Zealand setting and stories set in present time to tales as diverse as to be from medieval England and the outer reaches of space itself. With the laughter and tears of modern day existence alongside the adventure of hidden treasure and the curious sparkle of magic, there is something in here for everyone, whatever your preference.

Published in March 2007, the fanzine brings together artwork and 22 previously unreleased stories of various styles, ratings and lengths from both long-standing favorite authors and newer contributors to the fandom.

This collection provides an insight into Viggorli for both experienced members and those wishing to explore the fandom's talent for the first time. [2]


  • The Guardian's Gift by Tati. Viggo's definition of treasure is different - especially once Orlando breathes some magic into his world. Illustrated by reafre.
  • General Principles by Rainweaver. On a remote front-line battle station in a distant future, a fleeing civilian arrives seeking aid.
  • Thirty by Nurse Owen. A long time in the future, life really begins at thirty. Illustrated by powerfulwoodelf.
  • Coming Home by legolas_is_mine. Orlando needs some peace and quiet. Viggo helps him rediscover that home is where you make it.
  • Flight by Namárië120. Two escaped slaves struggle to survive on a harsh planet. Illustrated by reafre.
  • The Fairy's Tale by Arianne & Darcy. Viggo is a White Knight with nothing left to lose, besides his heterosexuality. Or his virginity.
  • One Love, One Heart by Jen Lynn. September 2006. Grand Cayman. Long distance relationships take their toll but have sweet rewards. Illustrated by araestel.
  • Poems, Prayers & Promises by Tularia. A vacation to save his job ends up changing Orlando’s life.
  • Adhocracy by Chaosmanor. Adhocracy (noun); any form of organisation that cuts across normal bureaucratic lines to capture opportunities, solve problems, and get results. Illustrated by liriel1810.
illustration for "The Guardian's Gift" by Tiary Artist:reafre
  • Comstock by Jasmineskie. Orlando is a young actor making his stage debut in the frontier town of Virginia City, where the silver mines of the Comstock Lode attract the greedy and the lawless. Orlando's compulsion to meet a secret admirer leads him into danger when he discovers the man's true identity.
  • Hold Fast by Pecos. Viggo lends needed support to his new young castmate in a moment of uncertainty.
  • A Rose Among the Ruins by Ariel Tachna. A love potion wreaks havoc in the lives of two friends in medieval Cornwall. Illustrated by catlover2x.
illustration for "Shadowknight" by Tiniowien Artist:reafre
  • Striking a Bargain by Bailey. Merchant spaceship captain Viggo Mortensen arrives to open trade talks on a semi-barbaric planet and gets more than he bargained for.
  • Liking Leather by Ruth Gifford & Hilary. Orlando wasn't even aware he had a thing for leather. Viggo is happy to help him figure that out.
  • Gig in Japan by laeglass. Viggo Mortensen, a successful ad exec who's used to getting what he wants, lets his head rule over his heart; until he meets someone who makes him question his views. Illustrated by araestel.
  • Vanishing Point by Moraya. It's easy to vanish in a city as London, but for some reason, Orlando keeps running into Viggo.
  • Sixteen Moments in a Life Together by Melafiction. Sixteen friends-list derived prompts are combined to tell a story of a life together.
  • Shadowknight by Tiniowien. (link goes to part 1) A warrior with a cloak full of secrets becomes the unlikely guardian of a young noble skilled in the art of archery. For the festival of the Falls holds many things... including danger. Illustrated by reafre.
illustration for "Flight" by Namárië120. Artist:reafre
  • Prenuptial Agreement by Jeyhawk. In a time of turmoil and unrest in the land of Bulconia, Orlando has his own struggle to deal with. Betrothed since he was ten, can he go through with the wedding when his heart as been claimed by another?
  • I'm Super, thanks for asking by Razzle. There are many kinds of hero in the world.

Illustrated by lady_razzle.

  • Striking a Bargain by Bailey.
  • The Hunt by Legomyarrow. Finding a lost treasure can make or break a man. Sometimes the real prize is in the hunt.
  • By My Side by Willowwing. Orlando stumbles upon something in Viggo's dresser that changes how he sees their relationship. You can't change the past, but is it too late to change the future? Illustrated by catlover2x.


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