Three Lone Lorn Creatures

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Three Lone Lorn Creatures
Author(s): Matthew Haldeman-Time
Date(s): March 22 – July 23, 2000
Length: 448K, four parts
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: Three Lone, Lorn Creatures at the author's website (Wayback Machine link)

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Three Lone Lorn Creatures is a Fraser/Kowalski/Turnbull story by Matthew Time.

Reactions and Reviews

Well, the author dedicates this story, “This slashfic is for Ewan McGregor, at least,” and summarizes it with the words, “Wherein first names are revealed and used; Ray comes in Canadians and goes to Canada; and Diefenbaker makes three new Scottish friends, however reluctantly.”

Despite the breezy tone of the synopsis this is a long, sometimes painful story in which none of the relationships come easily. There’s a lot of yearning, jealousy, fear, and heartbreak, especially for Turnbull, whose history is a match for Fraser’s and Ray’s, i.e. full of parental estrangement and romantic calamity. Furthermore, the problems don’t magically disappear when the characters take one another to bed; instead, they’re forced to confront new issues: When somebody leaves you, can you be with someone new without forcing him into the role of the one who’s gone? Can you ever have parity in a relationship with someone you consider your superior?

Fortunately, there is also humor, kindness, bravery, friendship, and, yes, extremely hot sex. [1]


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