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Name: Matthew Haldeman-Time
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Matthew Haldeman-Time is a fanfic writer.

Fan Reaction

I know I should have picked two different authors for "best story" and "best author," but I don't care. Matthew's site has slash from 17 fandoms (most noteable are Due South and Buffy) and four boy bands. On the front page it says "quality may vary," and he's right, but who among us can boast a flawless arsenal of slash? When he's good, he's really, really good, and when he's bad, he's still pretty good. He experiments with different techniques, and even if the experimentation doesn't work for you 100%, you have to admire his efforts and his imagination. I found that his boy band stories hit the mark more often than his Buffy and Due South stories, and it has nothing to do with my personal interests because I'm into all three. But it was all fun, which is why there are some corners of the Internet where you can't walk 10 feet in any direction without finding someone who is linking to or recommending Matthew's site.

My favorite Due South story was Obsession. I also liked The Good Stuff, a Usual Suspects fic. Rim Shot and its sequel, "Cheap Shot," are punches in the gut. Actually, just head to his summary page, where the stories are divided into lists by character, sexual fetish and length. If you want depth and eroticism, you need to read Beautiful Whore, which I read not one, not two, but three times in a row. Its companion piece, Borders, manages to be intriguing and a PWP, especially in light of "Beautiful Whore." Speaking of PWP, I Need You Tonight is an 'N Sync story that melts in your mouth, experimenting with different points of view after a cute little argument scene in the studio in which JC Chasez tells Justin Timberlake "you're as blond as I am." Even if you only have a minute, read the third part, You. It's hot enough to make your vision blur, and it's probably the closest to a perfect sex scene I've found in slash or original fiction, published or not. "I stroke your prostate and watch you start to do a slow full-body writhe, your mobile dancer's grace showing itself once more." Jesus Christ on a bike. In any fandom, he can slash the same couple eight times in a row and come up with new and interesting characterizations for them each time.

It's gorgeous sex mixed with Kevin Smith-style dialogue and endless original plots, combined with Matthew's sincere thirst for improvement and honest feedback, that makes me think Matthew will just keep getting better and better and run us all out of business, because no one will visit anyone else's site anymore. Someone stop me. I'm gushing all over the place. And to all you anti RPS-ers, don't let the RPS turn you off. There's something there for everyone.

Just go read. Head to his summary page and take your pick. I mean it. Get the hell out of here and go read. Now.[1]


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