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Name: thrace
Alias(es): badlance
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The 100, Legend of the Seeker, Once Upon a Time, among others
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thrace is a femslash writer in several fandoms, most notably the The 100 fandom where she writes for the Clexa pairing.

Notable Fanfics

The 100

Fan Comments

You are by far one of my favorite writers for this fandom. Both your big completed Clexa fics so perfectly encapsulate the kind of relationship I'd have loved to see develop between on the show itself, which we were unfortunately deprived of. I have no words for how significant this fic in particular has been in helping me get over some of the wounds of S3. So I'm immensely grateful, thank you so much![1]

I have a smile on my face every time I finished one of your fics.

You are such a talented writer, it's fantastic to enjoy your style of developing a plot, to let interacting your characters, to creating a world. It is impressive, that all of it is so well-conceived and elaborated, I love it. And you always weave so little details in, which make your story alive, like some smell or just the mention of a little detail or item in a room. It shows that you create a whole universe for us, your readers, and this is just beautiful. And your mode of expression is brilliant, you are a master of words, it helps a lot to dive into your story.

So the bad news for me is, I have only one of your fics left. OMG. I read them only, if I nead something extraordinary well written, when I nead a story without plotwholes. Keep writing, for heaven's sake, you bring so much joy to us. Thank you so much.[2]


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