This Neurotic Little Worry

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Title: This Neurotic Little Worry
Author(s): Jane Carnall
Date(s): 1988
Length: 5 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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This Neurotic Little Worry is a Blake's 7 story by Jane Carnall.

It was published in Southern Comfort #4.75.


Vila is always aware of the class differences between himself and Avon.

Author's Comments

...written about 20 years ago. I know I've written better since, but I got the idea from a line of dialogue Avon speaks "Let us settle this neurotic little worry", and did pretty much plan out the story, including writing in all the crew and even both computers, instead of - as was fairly standard in B7 slash at the time, including mine - just dismissing everyone else but the couple at the centre of the story. Also, I think this is the first story where I wrote Vila pretty much as he is on screen: not pathetic and tearful, I mean. Oh, I just like it - the game Dayna is playing on the flightdeck, the moment when she realizes she and Tarrant are outsiders looking on, the metatextual references to earlier stories I'd written. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

I'm reccing this one because I realised I hadn't recced any Avon/Vila yet, and I thought that was a shame. I'm mostly a Blake/Avon girl myself, and generally find it very difficult to believe in a pairing which mostly requires a demotion or flat-out ignoring of Avon's canonical obsession with Blake. (The happy Avon/Vila fluff out there is generally too cute for suspension of disbelief, for me.) This fic, though... this one persuaded even me to rec it. :) For a start, it's actually got Avon and Vila having issues and disagreements which are based on those they have in canon. Avon isn't necessarily very nice, although he's still maybe a little nicer than I would give him credit for. Vila isn't a spineless chump just taking the abuse, and his position as a lowly Delta is actually discussed. It's a rare fic that manages to take interesting issues from canon and build on them; I think I'd find this worth reccing if only for that. It's even rather better written than most. [2]


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