These Curious Times Interview with ireallyshouldbedrawing

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Interviews by Fans
Title: These Curious Times Interview with ireallyshouldbedrawing
Interviewer: curious
Interviewee: ireallyshouldbedrawing (fictionforlife)
Date(s): September 1, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Sherlock, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fan Art
External Links: online here; Archive
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These Curious Times Interview with ireallyshouldbedrawing ("Made with Love") is a 2015 interview with ireallyshouldbedrawing.

The interview contains seven artworks and discussion about them.

Part of a Series

See These Curious Times Fan Interviews.

Excerpt from the Introduction

ireallshouldbedrawing was one of the first art blogs I followed when I started to explore the Sherlock fandom on tumblr. Her style is unmistakable and sharp and constantly moving forward. I love the wideness of her range, from quick doodles, to images that invoke watercolors, and others that are sharp and black and almost colorblocked. She explored all of the incarnations and eras of Sherlock, though you could tell she had a soft spot for Rathbone.


Now that you’ve moved on a bit from Sherlock to MCU are the fandoms very different?

I’m more in the Steve/Tony fandom to be honest, I love every single version of Steve/Tony I’ve seen, whether it’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), 616 (Earth 616), Ults (Ultimates) , or even the cross-verses. They’re special, and broken, and amazing in their own way.

Basically the fandoms are not much different, there are still wanks, ship wars, and characters bashing. But there are also discussions, meta and fanwork exchanges. There are more exchanges in the Steve/Tony fandom than in the Sherlock Holmes fandom that I know of (especially after ACD Holmesfest announced they were taking an indefinite hiatus. HA hiatus), and some of them have been going on for years. Sometimes obsession needs constant feeding and comics and the cinematic universe have been giving us that.
What about the Iron Man Noir comic series drew you to it? Was it this series that pushed you to create art for this fandom?

What I love about Iron Man Noir is how happier Tony seems. It’s the perfect setting for what I want from my Steve/Tony, where I want Tony to have fewer issues, to have a better support system, better self-esteem, and be more seasoned. And I want Steve to be the one who pines after Tony instead.

I made my first Steve/Tony art long before the Noir AU though, it was MCU. It got me into fandom in the first place.
I remember when you created this piece [shown in the interview], I saw it come across my dash quite a bit, and it received about 12,000 notes. Goodness, 12k huh. It does have a clear and relatable message and people tend to go with that kind of simplicity.
The upcoming Sherlock Special will be taking us back to the classic ACD Holmes. Has any of it sparked your interest to create more art in this fandom? I honestly don’t know. I was deeply skeptical about Season 3, but I managed to create a few drawings based on it. It was mostly the showrunners’ attitude that had put me off; the materials had only played little part. But we’ll see.