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Name: the reporters
Owner/Maintainer: Shar aka Lightstar Angel & LJC
Dates: May 1, 2002 - September 30, 2003, still open for viewing
Type: Chloe/Clark fansite
Fandom: Smallville
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the reporters is a small Chloe/Clark fansite in the Smallville fandom. Although the site is no longer updated, as of November 2015, it still remains open for viewing.

It had an active forum, mailing list, and it also housed a small clique for Chlark websites while it was being updated. It houses fanfiction, fanart (digital manips), wallpaper, downloads, gallery, a favorite moments by fans section along with information on Chloe and Clark.

It was a member of the Smallville WebRing. It's "twin" was The Hallway, another Chlark fansite, and it's "parent" was It was affiliated with girl friday,, Perfect & Wishing, intrepid, and Envision.

Authors Archived

Various Chlark fics focused on or around the first two seasons; the writers are:

Fanart & Wallpaper

the reporters banner

The digital manips and wallpaper located at the fansite were created by:


Members that joined the reporters clique: