The Wisdom of Cats

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Wisdom of Cats
Author(s): janice_lester
Date(s): 2009
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Wisdom of Cats is a Kirk/Spock story by janice_lester.

This story is a response to a “prompt” (i.e. challenge), so you have to page down about 10 screens before the actual story begins

Reactions and Reviews

This is a nifty story that I found surfing thru the still-mysterious-to-me entity known as the st_xi_kink meme -- which seems to be a huge free-for-all of fiction suggestions and responses that reminds me more than anything else of the early days on ascem, when we were a small gang of crazed trek-fen and the creative juices couldn't be contained. Um, as it were... ;-)>

I highly recommend it for idle moments; the fics range from the wackiest of [crack-fics]] to seriously (and yummy) kinky to some beautifully-written heart- wrenching stuff as good as the best from any fan forum, including zines. You have to pick out the K/S, just as you do on Trekiverse or BLTS-- but there's plenty for the finding and mmm, it's yummy. Best way is to look at the list of filled story requests over on Delicious:... That's a link to a page about halfway thru the kinkmeme, but you can go all over the place from there. Right. Now for the actual story review. The Wisdom of Cats is a crossover-fic, of sorts. Mixture of Trek 09, Japanese cat-boy manga, and mpreg of all things. And yeah, I know -- I'm not usually into mpreg at all -- as a dude the very concept is deeply disturbing! ;-)> Only you know, this author, by god, makes it all work! I was laughing and smiling and feeling all awww, poor Spock -- what's not to like? The Enterprise passes through some kind of spatial anomaly which undoes/in utero/genetic mods. So overnight Kirk's eyes turn hazel -- seems his mom had 'em changed soon after he was born. An assortment of complaining crew show up in sickbay suffering all sorts of cosmetic reversals, and a few more serious problems as well. One crewman is found dead of Tay- Sachs disease, which had been corrected before he was born. And Spock... Spock, it turns out, is not only a Vulcan-human Fusion, but had extensive modifications performed /in utero/ to correct a condition that is a genetic throwback among modern Vulcans. This modification has now been reversed, and fixing it in a full-grown man is beyond even Vulcan medical capabilities. Not to put too fine a point on it, he now has furry black cat ears (gorgeous, of course) and a long black cat tail, plus numerous internal differences. He is, it turns out, what the embarrassed Vulcans refer to as a cat demon, a more ancestral form of modern Vulcans, who are descended from essentially feline ancestors. Cat demons are modified at birth because their logic is not as reliable, their emotions are closer to the surface -- and, I suspect although it's not said directly, because Vulcan, like Japan, was a homogenous society and cat demons disturb that sameness. My guess, there. Obviously this is crack fic, as they say, tongue in cheek to some degree. And I'm a sucker for cat-folks, I read way too much manga, I know. But the thing is, this author does a *great* job starting from a premise some folks would just roll their eyes at. Xe takes on the challenge and does beautifully. Spock is a fully-realized blend of his previous self and his now-restored feline nature, right down to his inability to keep his tail-tip from twitching even when his face is perfectly composed. After a few days the on-board chaos eases and McCoy clears Spock for duty once more. Kirk is reassured once he sees Spock performing his duties as seamlessly as ever, but he can't keep his eyes off that always-dancing tail or those fascinatingly mobile cat-ears. Things go along all right for a bit, but Spock has been thinking. He's not a member of an endangered species any more: he is now the only surviving member of a unique intelligent species, and he is determined to rectify this situation. His body is telling him he is capable of reproducing, and his logic (he thinks at the time) supports this view. Really, he's in heat (awww -- sorry, teh kyootness here kept overwhelming me and forcing goofy grins), and has decided that James T. Kirk, obviously a superior genetic specimen, will make the perfect mate. Kirk, of course, has been manfully resisting temptation -- well, sort of, anyway -- so when Spock propositions him in his quarters by pushing him against the wall and kissing him dizzy, Jim is *delighted* -- who knows what a real Vulcan cat demon might be like in the sack? Plus this is *Spock*... That's when he notices nekked Spock on his bed on all fours, tail dancing, and he's done for. He pounces, and the two of them make very hot slinky sexytimes together and that, my friends, is *yummy*. Jim doesn't know that Spock's in heat, and Spock isn't verbal enough to explain that, so the inevitable aftermath takes Jim by surprise. He thought Spock wanted *him*, not just a baby-daddy, and he's pretty bummed about it all. Poor Spock, now hopelessly confused, goes to Nyota and her friends for help, joining them for girl's night, or at least watching while they do each others' nails and hair and just kvetch. Here's the quote: ―I do not understand him,‖ Spock admitted, sinking more comfortably into Lieutenant Uhura‘s favourite armchair without disturbing Yeoman Rand in her attentions to his cuticles. ―He is angry that I have conceived his offspring, and yet he is also angry that I did not tell him at once that I had done so. If he finds the idea so distasteful, why is he not pleased that he did not have to assimilate it for three point four months?‖ Again, I found myself just going awwww.... {{{{poor Spock}}}} He's so confused, without being stupid or out of character (I mean, for a pregnant Cat!Spock, anyway ;-)> and the girls are so mellow, just calming him down and giving useful advice about how Jim just feels left out cos human daddies like to be involved, pamper their mates, etc... So he goes back and manages to explain himself to Jim more clearly, and Jim is stoked to be asked, now, and says hell yes he wants to be involved. More funnyness as McCoy reacts to Spock's request to scan his offspring and make sure they're ok. Bones is like, guh, you're *what*? you need me to look at *what*? More annoyed tail-swishing, but the scan shows there's four -- babies? kittens? -- and they all seem okay. The rest of the story is also full of cute and made of win -- Spock being surprised that sex for no purpose but sex is just as much fun as fertile sex; Jim finding his mate curled up under his desk on a pile of linens, hissing and protecting his first kitten and not wanting to go to sickbay -- and the last scene, where they're in their quarters squeeing over the babies and picking names for them; the little girl is Aurelin Amanda, the grey-eared boy is Christopher, for Admiral Pike, the one baby with no tail is Skon, for Spock's grandfather who translated Surak into English. That leaves one little Kirk/Spock boy un- named, and while they are considering this, the baby grabs one of his siblings' tails and chomps on it, making his littermate squall -- and Spock smiles just a little, looks at Jim and says, "Leonard. This one's name is Leonard."

And Jim totally cracks up. [1]


  1. ^ from The K/S Press #160