The Very Secret Diary of Aja

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Title: The Very Secret Diary of Aja
Creator: Aja
Date(s): 2003
Medium: online
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: The Very Secret Diary of Aja, as it was posted at Fandom Wank Wiki
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The Very Secret Diary of Aja was a 2003 parody post by Aja. The style in which it was written emulated The Very Secret Diaries, a genre made popular in fandom by Cassandra Claire.

It was originally posted on a locked journal post, but then leaked to various people including one of the parody's subjects, Ivy Blossom, as well as others.

Fandom Wank Wiki made an entry for it on November 27, 2005. Aja herself edited the wiki entry on August 18, 2006, where apparently her only issue to its presence in a public place was the inclusion of her last name, something that she removed. [1]

Aja's Comments

In the 2012 interview Fan Fiction Oral History Project with Bookshop, Aja commented:

We all just wanted to be friends with Cassie. I mean, I wanted to be friends with Cassie and essentially, they made this LiveJournal—or actually, a JournalFen community called, TheExhibitionist. They made a journal called TheExhibitionist that existed just to take a filtered post of mine that had been stolen without my permission from a tiny locked journal that was filtered to five people—except that someone had— another girl, her name was Rue, we found that out years later, who we actually didn't know for years, who had done this—but it was another girl. This is what fandom was like. It was just, full of backstabbing people who did things like this to you. They logged into one of my friend's journals. They had their password. They logged in and they saw this post because it was filtered to one of the five people. Yeah, so this post was actually this mockery. You can actually look it up. It's on Fandom Wank Wiki. It was this mockery of whole inner circle thing. It was like this mockery of me and this mockery of Cassie and this mockery of Ivy. And the way that I felt like I was having to compete with Ivy for Cassie's attention, and I was making fun of myself for feeling this way. I was making fun of Cassie a little bit, and I was making fun of Ivy a lot, and it was stolen and passed around fandom and [...] it had my full name on it and it was posted to this very public journal, without my permission. So, my name was out there, and it was always permanently and is still permanently attached to my fandom participation, because it was—again, it was on JournalFen and then Fandom Wank Wiki. I mean, Fandom Wank obviously made a post about it, and then, when the Fandom Wank Wiki was formed, they linked to it with my full name. If you google my name actually, right now, my full name—you come up with this link to [...] the Fandom Wank Wiki. And it redirects to "The Very Secret Diary of Aja," because I actually got them to take my name off of it eventually, my real last name—but the actual redirect is still there and still googleable. So, in 2003 knowing this—knowing that my name was permanently attached to this giant humongous, humiliating wank that had caused me to lose my job, I basically had to decide whether I was going to go underground and hide and use a sock puppet or whatever, or whether I was going to keep representing fandom positively, I guess. It took me a long time to figure out how that lay, but it also helped that I actually had jobs that were very fandom-positive.

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