The Small Rouge One

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Title: The Small Rouge One
Publisher: Gypsy Moth Press
Editor(s): Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Date(s): 1993-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Red Dwarf with some crossovers with Quantum Leap
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

The Small Rouge One is a gen digest-sized anthology.

Issue 1

The Small Rouge One 1 was published in May 1993 and contains 56 pages.

From Media Monitor: "Sam Beckett's strangest leap yet - millenia into the future, into Cat - a man named Lister is in labor and Rimmer's convinced that the cutters are competent to perform a C-section; Rimmer, already on everybody's nerves, demands a holographic companion; a computer virus is loose aboard the Red Dwarf."

  • Special Delivery by Theodore (8 pages)
  • Companionship by Karen S. Maudlin (22 pages)
  • Virus by Karen S. Maudlin (12 pages)
  • A Red Dwarf Christmas Carol by Karen S. Maudlin (12 pages)

Issue 2

The Small Rouge One 2 was published in 1994 and contains 83 pages.

cover of issue #2

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "Sam Beckett leaps into the slobbiest man in the universe; Rimmer and Holly engage in a tic tac toe game; Cat meets up with one of the Arks of felinoids and his future harem, lots more."

  • The Longest Leap: Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of the slobbiest man left in the universe. Can he convince Rimmer not to commit homocide?
  • Rescue: Out of Time, Part II: Holly had had enough of it. He, who had turned from a she to a he to gain the last bit o f respect from the stone-age GELFs,just couldn't get along with his captors. He had to do something, or he would be stuck on a wild-goose chase across the known and unknown with a bunch of crew!, humanity-hating GELFs for the rest ofeternity. But little did he know that the STARBUG crew was to get a little help from their female counterparts from the alternate universe.
  • To Leap Or Not To Leap: That's The Smegging Question: Another quantum Leap tale where Lister gets a wonderful opportunity to return to present-day Earth, but Sam can't lei him do it.
  • The Battle of the X's & O's: The perils & misadventures over a simple game of tic-tac-toe between Rimmer & Holly. What else were you expecting?
  • If I Only Had A Hammer: The crew of the Red Dwarf gel a chance to get back to Earth ... but at what price?
  • Cat-A-Clysm: Cat meets up with one of the Arks of the felinoids and his future harem of the right females.
  • Mum's the Word: At last, Lister, Rimmer, & Cat meet a woman that didn't attempt to kill them or suck their brains out through a straw. So, what's the matter?
  • Green Hole: Stasis Leak II: Ever wonder about the "Stasis Leak" episode where Lister was to find a way to go back in time and marry Kochanski? Here it is!

Issue 3

The Small Rouge One 3 was published around 1995 and contains 100 pages.

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "Complete with a smeggin' color cover by Teeger, our favorite Boyz from the DWARF are back with a vengeance. More hilarious tales of the alternate universe written by Jeff Warshaw where Rimmer is really Ace(what a guy!) however, the Rimmer from the other universe feels he deserves a shot as he didn't have the right, knobby parents. Also, Cat and his two lovely brides (see SRI #2) have procreated like rabbits, and theD WARF is having a lot of problems dealing with the increased population. Also Karen Mauldin dishes up more stories, including "The Not-So-Fantastic Journey" where Kryten's experiments with micronization takes him places he preferred not to go. And many more stories... You'll just have to see 'em in the flesh."

Issue 4

The Small Rouge One 4