The Slime Devils

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Name: The Slime Devils, The Denebian Slime Devils
Members: Denise Barkas, Regina De Simone, Melissa James, Grace R. Serio, Kathy Rouark, Cathy Dougherty
Focus: filk
Fandoms: Star Trek, perhaps other fandoms?
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The Slime Devils (sometimes "The Denebian Slime Devils") were a filk group who performed at several cons in the 1980s and 1990s.

This filk group was a guest of honor and/or performed at Shore Leave 2 (1980), OktoberTrek (1990, 1991, 1992), and Farpoint (1994).

See: A Slime Devil Songbook.

From the 1990 and 1991 program book for OktoberTrek and the 1994 program book for Farpoint:
The Slime Devils consist of six fans who spring Trek and Science Fiction filksongs on unsuspecting con-goers. The Slimes began filking when they were in high school, and published several songs after reading other people's parodies. They were talked into performing at Shore Leave II, and knew they were a hit when a member of the audience literally fell on the floor laughing (at the songs, that is!). The Slimes write filks anywhere — kitchens, rest rooms, parking lots, picnic benches, before movies, during movies, after movies... you can't imagine some of the places they have done it (wrote songs, that is!). Every presentation is different, wackier than the one before, a genuine treat for audiences.