Slimes in the Hood

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Filk Songbook
Title: Slimes in the Hood
Publisher: The Slime Devils
Date(s): July 1994
Medium: print
Language: English
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Slimes in the Hood is a 38-page filk songbook, the fourth one by The Slime Devils.

Regina DeSimone

The cover is by Regina DeSimone.

The filks are mostly based on Star Trek: TNG, but there are a few other fandom ones as well.


  • A Whole New Game by M. James (Whole New World from Aladdin) (Star Trek: TNG) (1)
  • Be Our Guest by M. James (from Beauty and the Beast) (various Treks) (3)
  • Beaming Down is Hard, revised by M. James (Breaking Up is Hard to Do) (Star Trek: TNG) (5)
  • Dark Shadows by M. James (The Beverly Hillbillies theme) (Dark Shadows) (6)
  • Deep Space Station 9 by M. James (Love Potion Number Nine) (Star Trek: TNG) (7)
  • De-Evolution by M. James (The Beatles) (Star Trek: TNG) (8)
  • The Dream is Still Alive by M. James (science fiction) (9)
  • Eight Times a Day by M. James (all the Treks) (10)
  • Favorite Trek Videos by M. James (The Motown Song by Rod Stewart) (Star Trek: TOS) (11)
  • The Great Director by The Slime Devils (Star Trek: TOS) (12)
  • The Guy from Gotham City by M. James (The Boy from New York City by Manhattan Transfer) (Batman) (13)
  • Hold On by M. James (Star Trek: TOS) (14)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by Denise Bartas (The Ballad of Davy Crockett) (Indiana Jones) (15)
  • In the Middle of the Borg by M. James (River of Dreams by Billy Joel) (Star Trek: TNG) (17)
  • It's in the Script by M. James (The Shoop, The Shoop Song) (Star Trek: TNG) (18)
  • Jurassic Park by M. James (Macarther Park by Richard Harris) (Jurassic Park) (19)
  • The Klingon Ship Song by M. James (Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte) (Star Trek: TNG) (21)
  • Leapout by M. James and D. Bartas (Breakout by the Swingout Sister) (Quantum Leap) (22)
  • The Line by D. Bartas (The Sign by Ace of Base) (standing in a line for autographs at a con) (23)
  • Mr. Data by M. James (Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes) (Star Trek: TNG) (24)
  • Nothing Compares to Q by M. James (Star Trek: TNG) (25)
  • Remember Trek by D. Bartas (Remember When by Sha-Na-Na) (Star Trek: TNG) (26)
  • Riker by M. James (Maria from The Sound of Music) (Star Trek: TNG) (27)
  • Robin by M. James (Cupid by Sam Cooke) (Star Trek: TNG, Robin Hood) (28)
  • See You in September by M. James (Star Trek: TNG) (29)
  • So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya by M. James (The Weavers) (Star Trek: TNG) (30)
  • Two of a Kind by M. James (theme from The Patty Duke Show) (Star Trek: TNG) (31)
  • Vincent by M. James, D. Bartas, M.C. Dougherty (Don McLean) (Beauty and the Beast) (32)
  • We Didn't Start the Series by M. James (Billy Joel) (various Treks) (34)
  • Whale Song, Trek V Version by The Slime Devils (to the tune of "Hee Haw") (36)
  • With a Little Bit of Luck by M. James (from "My Fair Lady") (Star Trek: TNG) (37)
  • Yestershe, Yesterwho, Yesteryar by M. James (Stevie Wonder) (Star Trek: TNG) (38)

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