The Robin Hood Fan Fiction Archive

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Name: The Robin Hood Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): May 2011 – present
Archivist: jagnikjen, robinfanatic
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Robin Hood (BBC 2006)
(old version)
Robin Hood Fan Fiction Archive.png
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The Robin Hood Fan Fiction Archive (RHFFA) is a medium-sized non-selective archive for fanfiction for the Robin Hood BBC television series of 2006–9. It was founded in May 2011 by jagnikjen, who states that it is the first one-stop shop for Robin Hood fic.[1] The archivists are jagnikjen and robinfanatic. It is affiliated with the fansite Hoodwinked.

The archive accepts all characters, genres, pairings and ratings, but adult-rated stories are locked to members only. Stories featuring actors are not permitted, nor are those in which adults have sex with minors. Warnings are obligatory, and include for language, character death and sex.

The site design features several different skins.

Stats and Authors

As of April 2014, the archive houses 121 stories by 21 authors, and seems to have stopped being updated. The most popular story categories include romance, angst, tragedy, adventure, drama, alternate universe and humor.

The authors archived are aaaaaah, adia313, a clue no, a flame within, Caro, corrielle, doodle, GisbornesLady, hannah ward, hulamoth, JAGnikJen, lrs93, meridian rose, Nettlestone Nell, phantom, railise, robinfanatic, Whytewytch, Xx RockChick xX, Amaranthe Athenais, lotusflower85, SaraBethie,muchbeddled, Lady Marianne and jadey 36.