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Name: Reverie
Date(s): 2006-2009?
Moderators/List Maintainers: Millylicious & Xandra
Katie F & Aimee (administrators)
Founder(s): Katie F
Fandom: vidding, Multiple Fandoms
URL: (defunct)
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Sample vidding tutorial offered by Reverie moderator Katie F

Reverie was a vidding forum for new vidders that billed itself as "An Extraordinary Vidding and Art Community." Once computer vidding made vidding more accessible, some vidders entering the vidding community sought a place where they could share videos with different aesthetics and editing styles after the closure of Midnight Lair, a vidding forum founded by Charmax. As the founder of Reverie explained on one of her earlier award sites: This "is for those awesome vidders who often go unrecognized. Often times the same vidders (rightfully so) take home all the awards each month leaving other vidders empty handed. This awards program is not to punish the best of the best but to recognize the good and the great. If you see this as “pity” or “sore loser” awards, then don’t enter." That sentiment was carried over to Reverie.

Reverie offered several forum threads that allowed vidders to engage in technical discussions about vidding, announce their new vids and participate in social chat. Anonymous vidding contests and challenges were held and winners were selected by popular vote. The site was not well advertised and difficult to join. [1][2][3] Some members felt that the forum's small size made the forum "cozy and arm chair like."[4] Other vidders credited the site's vidding tutorials for helping them get started with vidding.[5] Shortly after they opened, the forum began hosting their own video awards, "The Reverie Video Awards" which ran for 10 rounds. The awards recognized many excellent vids.

However, not everyone who joined the community felt that new vidders were at risk of being marginalized. And not every member who joined was a new vidder. Several well known members of the forum were: Charmax, bradcpu, obsessive24, millylicious,dragonchic and misteranderson. Laura Shapiro and Morgan Dawn joined the forum in 2007. Together, the group worked to bridge any perceived gaps between new and established vidders.

In 2009, the site abruptly shut down without warning, taking with it several years of vidder contributions.


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