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Fan Club
Name: The Patrick Stewart Network ("PSN")
Dates: mid 1990s
Country based in: out of Riverside, California
Focus: Star Trek: TNG/Patrick Stewart
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The Patrick Stewart Network was a Patrick Stewart fan club. It was an "officially sanctioned" club.

cover of the 1997-98 directory, see Coach's Club House Patrick Stewart Network Directory

A similar club was The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart.

a 1995-96 flyer
a 1997 flyer

The flyer includes early computer literacy awareness and asks for one's CompuServe, AOL, "Internet," as well as phone number.


From a 1995-96 flyer:

Change that channel! Tune in to the Patrick Stewart Network. If you are interested in Patrick Stewart's career, then this is the club for you! Members are encouraged to participate in club activities — contribute articles, letters, photos or artwork to the PSN's newsletter, Coach's Club House. Help out at club get-togethers or even have a club table at conventions. Or you can volunteer for anything else fun and exciting!

Being A Member Of The PSN Entitles You To:

1995-1996 Rates Are: U.S. and Canada: $25 Great Britain and Europe: $30 Australia and Japan: $35