The Origin of Love

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Title: The Origin of Love
Author(s): z0mbieshake
Date(s): First published 2012-12-17, completed 2012-12-24
Length: 99829 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: primary Inception, crossover with Mysterious Skin, Warrior, Dark Knight Rises
External Links: read on AO3

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The Origin of Love is a Arthur/Eames novel-length fanfic by z0mbieshake.

Author's Summary

An ex-marine and a sex hustler find each other one cold, dark night in New York drawn together by each other's fractured souls. It was their dream to be together and their destiny to be torn apart by every force in the world at every point of their lives. This is the origin of Eames and Arthur's forbidden romance. Crossover of Mysterious Skin (Arthur's origin), Warrior (Eames's origin), and TDKR based in the Inception universe. ArthurxEames is the main pairing with various combinations of their "counterparts".


Fic comes with the following additional tags:

Origins, Torture, Psychological Torture, Angst, Heartbreak, Multiple Personalities, keeping the lovebirds apart, Crossover Pairings, Multiple Crossovers.

The author uses a very popular trope of using the actors' other work as Backstory for the characters. In this case Neil from Mysterious Skin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character) becomes Arthur while Tommy Conlon from Warrior (Tom Hardy's character) becomes Eames. Bane from Dark Knight Rises is also used.

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