Multiple Personalities

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Name: Multiple Personalities
Owner/Maintainer: Kim M.
Dates: Novmber 27th, 2004 - March 14, 2006[1]
Type: fansite, fanlisting
Fandom: X-Men
URL: on wayback)
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Multiple Personalities was a Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man fansite and fanlisting created and maintained by Kim M..

"After months of searching for a Jamie Madrox website, I got fed up and decided to create my own! Multiple Personalities is, as far as I know, the ONLY Jamie site on the web. Thanks to Tara for helping me spread the Jamie love! "


  • Gallery
  • Fanfic
  • Fanart
  • Bio
  • Quotes
  • Issue Info
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • Relationships
  • Alternate Versions
  • Links
  • Link Here
  • Madrox comic book series fanlisting
  • Jamie Madrox character fanlisting


  1. ^ last known update [1]