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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Mouse's House
Author: Anastasia
Dates: 2000 - present
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Queer as Folk, Smallville
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The Mouse's House is a personal slash fanfiction site.

The site was linked at Mac & Anna's Place in the category "Individual Author Fiction and Fannish Personal Sites". It is hosted by SlashCity

Star Wars TPM

The 'Coming to Their Senses' series

  • Not on Deaf Ears (PG-13) On a mission to a xenophobic planet, Qui-Gon is injured and Obi-Wan risks his own life attempting to keep his Master alive as they await rescue. [1st in the 'Coming to Their Senses' series] 68K
  • Bitter Taste of Fear (G) Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are rescued from a hostile planet by Mace and Yoda. A guilt-ridden Mace faces his feelings with some insight from Yoda. The four of them return to Coruscant with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in critical condition.[2nd in the 'Coming to Their Senses' series] 30K
  • I Will See You (PG-13) Back on Coruscant, Qui-Gon regains consciousness and begins to regain his health. He has a chance to take care of his padawan as Obi-Wan took care of him on Trellis. Directly follows 'Not on Deaf Ears' and 'Bitter Taste of Fear' in the *Coming to Their Senses* series. [3rd in the 'Coming to Their Senses' series] 63K
  • Touch (NC-17) Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon continue to heal from the events on Trellis and in the process of rediscovering themselves, they discover one another. [4th/final in the 'Coming to Their Senses' series] 99K

Other works

  • All That I Am (NC-17) Sometimes only a Jedi can truly heal another Jedi... 199K
  • Believe (NC-17) This story began as a 'first line challenge' from Mac. The "Obi-Wan, *no one* is going to believe that we're lovers!" is Mac's, and the rest is all from my temporarily-foggy imagination. 27K
  • Goodnight, My Angel (PG) A sweet story about comfort in the night on a cold, dark ship... 40K
  • Of Masters and Padawans (NC-17) With the help of someone who understands, it is possible to rebuild a shattered life. 220K


  • Secrets of the Heart (NC-17) How much time will be lost before two Jedi learn to appreciate what they have? 106K
  • Suspended (NC-17) Obi-Wan is feeling guilty... 37K
  • The Power of Two (G) Qui-Gon learns never to underestimate the power of a two-year-old. 11K
  • The Third Time (PG-13) When Obi-Wan's master is killed, he is in danger of losing more than just his knighthood. And when a new master volunteers to complete his training, darkness looms. 123K
  • Out of the Jungle (PG) When Obi-Wan’s lander crashes during a training mission, Qui-Gon must make his way through a far-off jungle to find him. (4/04/02) 26K
  • Always and Forever (G) Qui-Gon sets Obi-Wan’s fears to rest (5/07/02) 9K
  • Mutual Acceptance (G) A training exercise goes too far, but all is not lost. (11/21/02) 49K


The'Azali' Series

  • Azali (R) Obi-Wan helps his master through a difficult situation. 80.5K
  • After Azali (PG-13) With someone new in Qui-Gon's life, where is Obi-Wan's place? [This is a direct sequel to 'Azali'] 280K
  • Before Azali (PG-13) Just as the title suggests, this fic goes into the details of what happened before the fic 'Azali'. [This fic should be viewed after Azali and After Azali] 39K

The'Ashes' Series

  • Out of the Ashes (NC-17) Sometimes tragedy can bring clarity and loss can bring the unexpected... 167K
  • Into the Light (NC-17) Because wanting something does not necessarily make it so, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon find out how difficult it can be to wait...for a great many things. [This is a direct sequel to 'Out of the Ashes] 308K

Other Babyfic

  • Force-Blessed (NC-17) In a universe where love between master and padawan is forbidden, the results of Obi-Wan's love for Qui-Gon must be hidden...or it will destroy them both. 69K


  • Seeing Stars (R) Lex stops by the barn to check onClark (4/24/02) 9K
  • Sans Investigation (PG-13) Lex wants Clark investigated; someone takes it too far (5/11/02) 32K
  • Someone to Stand With (PG-13) What if one of Clark’s gifts had come to him in another way? (5/20/02) 45K

Queer as Folk

Stand -Alone Stories

  • Brick Wall (PG-13) Emmett is fed up with Brian's treatment of Michael, and tells him so. Missing scene from Episode 7. (2/10/01) 21K
  • Masquerade (NC-17) It's a masquerade party and the boys just aren't themselves... (4/17/01) 37K
  • Out (PG-13) What if Michael were outed at work? (5/1/01) 83K
  • Eat Your Vegetables (NC-17) Emmett finds a compatible cyber someone; their activities give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Don't play with your food.' (5/26/01) 18K
  • Labor of Love (PG-13) Five years after the birth of Gus, Melanie and Lindsay do it all again (6/11/01) 42K

(Note: This fic is not exclusively Melanie/Lindsay...give it a try and stick around until the end...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.)

  • All the King's Men (NC-17) A week after the King of Babylon contest, Justin finds out that being King has its price (6/15/01) 64K
  • Taken (NC-17) All work and no play is never a good thing... (7/4/01) 28K
  • When Michael Met David (NC-17) What if Michael and David had met in a different place and time? (7/5/01) 45K
  • Reflections (PG-13) At one time or another, everyone loves someone who doesn't love them back. (7/8/01) 11.5K
  • Less Than Nothing (PG-13) The hospital...the hallway...Brian...and his thoughts... (8/1/01) 13.5K
  • After School:In (R) Chris Hobbs' thoughts and feelings about the time he spent alone with Justin in Episode 4. (9/5/01) 16K
  • Smokescreens (NC-17) Emmett introduces Justin to cybersex (9/28/01) 41.5 K
  • Come in from the Rain (R) Confused, Michael searches for someone to talk to (11/24/01) 36K
  • An Appreciation for the Finer Things (G) Sometimes money isn't everything (12/26/0 1) 19K
  • So Far Away from Me (R) Ted follows Emmett's advice (1/02/02) 11K
  • Alone Together (PG-13) Ted follows Emmett's advice (1/31/02) 15K
  • Ally (R) Michael gets a second opinion (2/20/02) 20K
  • Waterfall (PG-13) A ‘what might be story’ of Lindsay and Melanie’s honeymoon (02/27/02) 16K
  • Conmigo (R) When fog strands Brian at a conference, Justin is disappointed (2/27/02) 12K
  • Payback (NC-17) Someone has broken a rule, so someone must pay the price (4/07/02) 9K
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (R) Michael tries to move beyond Ben’s past. (4/08/02) 13K
  • Reverse Psychology (PG-13) Does yelling accomplish anything? (4/13/02) 12K
  • Removing Obstacles (PG-13) Sometimes being independent means first depending on someone else (4/15/02) 35K
  • Blown Away (R) It was the worst of was the best of times... (4/20/02) 10K

Ongoing Series

"A Day in the Life..."

The 'A Day in the Life' series is basically a forum for all the little bits and pieces of stories that are running around in my head. As things go along, the series will feature snippets of different aspects of the QaF characters' imagined by me. There are so many facets of the show I'd love to see explored, and while we might eventually learn things that contradict my mental wanderings, oh well. : ) We all take that chance writing fic for an ongoing series, right? (This is not a 'continuous' series, but a group of individual stories that explores the QaF characters)

  • A Day in the Life: Quality Time (G) Downtime for Brian... (3/30/01) 7K
  • A Day in the Life: Someone Special (G) Debbie's keeping something from Michael... (4/4/01) 34K
  • A Day in the Life: Cold (NC-17) Justin is cold and it's all Brian's fault. (4/13/01) 25K
  • A Day in the Life: Memories (PG) When Michael gets sick, it brings back memories and feelings that David isn't ready to deal with.(4/14/01) 31K
  • A Day in the Life: Lost (G) A change of scenery changes Justin's perspective (5/5/01) 25K
  • A Day in theLife: Lunch (G) Emmett and Ted have lunch. (5/14/01) 15K
  • A Day in the Life: Sick (NC-17) Justin's home from school sick and Brian has just the thing to make him feel better. (5/16/01) 27K
  • A Day in the Life: Walk Away (PG-13) Michael is alone in the wrong place at the wrong time... (5/22/01) 137K
  • A Day in the Life: Twenty-nine (NC-17) Justin convinces Emmett that life doesn't end at twenty-nine (6/19/01) 11K
  • A Day in the Life: Comfort (NC-17) Justin knows what Brian needs (6 /25/01) 28K

"In the Wrong Place...

This series idea began with me wanting to write a well-done 'post episode 122' fic. What it turned into is a rather interesting A/U where the roles of the final show of QAF's first season are reversed. That is to say, Brian went to the prom with Justin, but Brian was the one bashed in the parking garage. So here we have an injured Brian and a guiilt-ridden Justin...and the events continue from there. As the first part of this story stated, the basic premise for this story is " The prom...the parking garage...the attack...with a twist.. . "

  • In the Wrong Place: The Series (PG-13) --> The prom...the parking garage...the attack...with a twist...

(This is the work in progress. Anything new that's been added to this will appear in light blue....'older' parts appear in white.)

  • In the Wrong Place: The Newest Bit --> The latest new part in the series (uploaded 3/29/03)

"New Beginnings"

This series features Emmett and Ted in a relationship. The first story sets the groundwork for this 'universe' and the other stories are based around the T/E concept.

  • New Beginnings (NC-17) Emmett has seen the light, but he needs a friend to help him start living again. (6/4/01) 60K
  • New Beginnings: Directions (NC-17) There are times when even a map doesn't help... (7/13/01) 21K
  • New Beginnings: Relief (R) An accident has Emmett lying in a hospital bed...and itching... (1/23/02) 29K

"The Architecture of Love"

This little series is going to be a collection of David’s thoughts on the different aspects of his relationship with Michael throughout QaF’s first season. Each installment will keep with the timeline of the show, going in order from things that happened at the beginning of the season to things that happened near the end. I think the character of David is vastly under-explored and these short conversations will be my way to look at what might have been going through David’s mind.

  • The Architecture of Love 1: Michael (PG-13) David finds someone he can talk to about his new relationship with Michael (6/17/01) 8K
  • The Architecture of Love 2: Losing Him (PG-13) David despairs over losing Michael 11K
  • The Architecture of Love 3: Consolation (PG-13) David gets a second chance 13K

Experimental Fic

Calysta Rose's story, Heaven Helps the Man, was written at the same time as my story, No Safe Harbor. We both had ideas for the same scenario, but they went in opposite directions. So we began with the characters in similar situations and diversified from there, based on one small decision made by Justin. Consequently, the boys have different experiences based on their choices. We've given the stories the same 'series' title but have chosen individual story titles to reflect the differences in the fics. Calysta's story should be read first.

  • Choices and Consesequences: Heaven Helps the Man (NC-17) Brian ignores Justin; Justin goes home with a stranger. (Written by Caly Rose) (4/5/01) 45K
  • Choices and Consequences: No Safe Harbor (NC-17) Brian ignores Justin; Justin takes a stranger home. (Written by Ana) (4/5/01) 63K