The Mistakes We Make

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Title: The Mistakes We Make
Author(s): Kinslayer/Anax
Date(s): Circa 2001
Genre: drama, rape, dark
Fandom: Digimon
External Links: Kingslayer's Ficsarchived version

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The Mistakes We Make is a dark Digimon fic in which Ichijouji Ken, as the Kaiser, imprisons and tortures Motomiya Daisuke. Despite its themes, this Kaisuke story was recommended in the Daisuke/Ken essay Courage and Kindness.

Reactions and Reviews

this, on the other hand, is Kaiser/Daisuke - and absolutely breathtaking. But heed the warning: it's very, very graphic, and very, very disturbing. Seriously. A lot of people can't make it through this fic, because a lot of it's quite sickening. But on the other hand... the psychology of it all is darkly fascinating, and the end is hauntingly brilliant. I adore it, but it's very painful to read. NC-17 (though deserves a higher rating if possible, really, for graphic torture, rape and violence.) -Courage and Kindness