The Merlin Forced Bed-Sharing Fest

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Name: The Merlin Forced Bed-Sharing Fest
Date(s): 03 February 2011
Founder: aerisaturner
Type: fest
Fandom: Merlin
Associated Community:
URL: The Merlin Forced Bed-Sharing Fest
Merlin Forced Bed-Sharing Fest.jpg
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The Merlin Forced Bed-Sharing Fest was a fest in Merlin fandom. All pairings, including RPF, were welcome. For pimping purposes there was a banner people could post in their own journals.
"Only One Room at The Inn" trope?
"Shared Warmth" trope - because what else can our boys do when they are camping/stuck in the wildness/snowstorm/lost because Merlin was being all distracting, causing Arthur to loose track of which direction they were going
Anything else that you feel will fit under the lovely Forced Bed-Sharing Trope


Making Space (Merlin/Gwaine. Rated PG-13ish)
I heard this referred to as ski poling once. (if you squint Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine. Rated PG13)
When There Is Nothing More To Say (Bradley/Colin. Rated R.)
Keeping The Cold At Bay (Uther/Merlin. Rated ?. Warning: dub-con)
Bedsharing Porn and Fluff (Arthur/Merlin AU. Explicit)
Balance and Power (Merlin/Lancelot. Rated R)
Limits and Outlines (Arthur/Gwaine. Rated R)
2 x Arthur/Merlin recs of boys in tents
Shelter (young!Arthur/Leon. Rated NC-17. 5400 words.)