The McCoy Tapes

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Title: The McCoy Tapes
Publisher: Decoy
Editor(s): Ruth Dick-Smith, Anne Richardson
Date(s): March 1980-June 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: DeForest Kelley and Star Trek: TOS
External Links: citation at the National Library of Australia
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The McCoy Tapes is the Australian newsletter for Decoy, the DeForest Kelley Fan Club. It has 73 issues. They include photos, news and trade information.

Issue 1

The McCoy Tapes 1 was published in March 1980.

Issue 12

The McCoy Tapes 12 was published in 1982.

Issue 19

The McCoy Tapes 19 was published in May 1983, contains 13 pages, is A4 and offset.

Issue 26

The McCoy Tapes 26 was published in July/August 1984 and contains 9 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 26

A4, photocopied beautifully newsletter of the DECOY DeForest Kelley Fan Club. This issue has a beautiful cover shot of Mr. Kelley and goes straight to a letter from him. It also contains bits and pieces on the new movie such as something on Robert Fletcher, the costumer designer of ST! & 2 and the special effects in ST3. Plus a couple of ads and a beautiful poem on McCoy by Betsi Ashton. Always a consistently high job. A good read for all McCoy fans! [1]

Issue 29

The McCoy Tapes 29 was published in January 1985.

Issue 31

The McCoy Tapes 31 was published in May 1985.

Issue 37

The McCoy Tapes 37 was published May/June 1986 and contains 12 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 37

12pp, xerox, A4. Newsletter of DECOY... Contains Trek news, poetry, reviews, and puzzles. I like it! [2]

Issue 73

The McCoy Tapes 73 was published in June 1995.


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