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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Marketplace
Author(s): Kathy Resch (aka CatalenaMara)
Date(s): Zine-1985;
Length: Zine-Unk; ksarchive-3096; AO3-3106
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Marketplace is a K/S story by Kathy Resch.

It was published in the print zine Daring Attempt #3 08/1985 and is available for sale online.

Reactions and Reviews

A dark story with a mysterious air, as KR does very well. Kirk's life is meaningless, at Alliance HQ. In the marketplace, he peruses the whores, but is always drawn back to a certain one, the slim, exotic man.

It turns out Kirk and Spock are playing out their lives for the Talosians' entertainment, their memories gone. Or, almost remembered, then forgotten again. Every time, Kirk is drawn to Spock, but as if it's the first time. Then they remember each other, and remember they are prisoners. Every time, they plan to escape, then remember they'd planned before. Then they forget. Then they remember again. Sad, despairing...but the story is hopeful at the end. We know they will succeed.

Powerful, atmospheric. Fine short-story art. [1]
I found this little story very effective. In brief words, [Kathy] sets up a vivid atmosphere, and gives us a bare glimpse of a compelling situation. Kirk searches for his beloved, finds him and... but I don't want to give away the ending — it was spell binding. This Spock-captive story was one that WORKED. [2]
The Marketplace by [Kathy Resch] is the first in a series of bizarre stories. They lead beautifully down one path, have a quite different path thrown in face at the last moment. This story disturbed me yet stirred an admiration for the author and her ability to convince me so strongly of the reality of her story. [3]
I loved "The Marketplace," by [Kathy Resch]. It begins with a very strange situation that intrigued me, then continues on with such poignant and moving scenes that I found myself slowing down to re-read it. The ending is especially touching and hopeful. Thanks, [Kathy], for a very different story. [4]
This story really puts you on the wrong leg. Just when you begin to think you’ve figured it out, it makes a totally unexpected turn and opens whole other perspectives. You never know for sure whether they’ve finally made their escape. You can only hope they did. [5]
Written by CatalenaMara I hardly have to say how well it is written indeed. I like the language very much and I was caught right from the start by the plot as well as by the characters.

It‘s just one of the stories that you read and know, feel, nothing is like it had been before. It is for me and I just need to think of the title or plot and can instantly sense again the feeling I experienced by reading it. Kirk strolls over a market, looking for a companion for the night as he must have done a dozen times before and is driven to that one particular box where a certain slim, dark haired Vulcan is displayed. Again I can't or won't say too much about the story line as everybody who hasn't read it yet should just immerse oneself into it and go with it. I puzzled about the beginning and had no clue where it is all leading. Such sweet distress and such a touching end. It is not a long story and it doesn't have to be, you know. But oh how rich and deep!

I heard about it because the KSC group mentioned it once and I‘m very grateful they did so. So now I mention it to you and can [do] nothing but highly recommend it. [6]


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