The Library of Lost Souls

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Name: The Library of Lost Souls
Dates: to present
Type: personal archive
Fandom: Forever Knight,
Homicide: Life on the Street
URL: The Library of Lost Souls,
mirror site
Screen capture of the index page.
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The Library of Lost Souls is Susan M. Garrett's website for her fan fiction. Most of the contents of this website were formerly located at

Contents of the Site

The index page of The Library of Lost Souls divides the content of the site into four sections. The first relates to Intimations of Mortality, the tie-in novel that Susan based on one of her fan stories; the second relates to her fan fiction; the third to non-fiction written for Forever Knight fandom, and the last to the visit she made in 1998 to the set of Homicide: Life on the Street.

Intimations of Mortality

This section includes a link to information on Intimations of Mortality on her other site at, plus a page of readers' comments on the book (formerly a Geobook page on Susan's original site).[1]

Fan Fiction

This section includes:

Forever Knight Fan Fiction

The main fan fiction section of the site was last updated 21 October 2004. All Susan's stories are listed on the main page, which has an alphabetical (by title) listing, from which most of the stories can be accessed on site. There are also separate pages:

Listed, but not on site, are stories that Susan wrote for Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club charities (since she wanted people to buy the zines and contribute to the charity).

Susan's stories about her original character, Dorian, the archivist for the Enforcers, are in a separate subsection of the website, last updated 11 December 2009.[2]

Susan's multi-ending story, "Ships in the Night", is in a separate subsection of the website with all seven of its different conclusions.[3] This was written as a party favour in 1995, for Forever Knight fans who attended MediaWest*Con.

Fan Non-Fiction

The website includes the following:

  • "Auction Warning! or How NOT To Get Ripped Off!":[4] How and where (and whether) to purchase Forever Knight videos, scripts, props, and other merchandise
  • "Forever Knight Season 3 Production Notes":[5]
    pages 3 to 8 of the series bible for the third season of Forever Knight, dated May 8, 1995
  • link to a collection of photographs taken at the Tucson Classics 1999 Charity Golf & Tennis Tournament, where there were a number of celebrity attendees, including Geraint Wyn Davies
  • "All I Ever Needed To Know In Life I Learned from FORKNI-L"[6]
    GIF of what looks like a poster (?) containing a list of quotations from and aphorisms about the series and its fandom

Visit to the Homicide Set

In the section, "Homicide: Life on the Best Damn Set on Television: Set Visit - November 12, 1998",[7] Susan provides a detailed description of her trip to Baltimore, from winning—in the Lights, Camera, Auction charity auction in Toronto—the opportunity to be an extra on Homicide: Life on the Street, through her experiences on the set and during a location shoot. There is also a rough sketch of the Homicide set,[8] and a collection of photographs.[9]