The Labyrinth Storyteller Awards

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Name: The Labyrinth Storyteller Awards
Date(s): 1997 - 2001
Frequency: Annual
Format: Popular vote
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community: The Labyrinth Within the Labyrinth, Amethyst's Labyrinth‎‎
Fandom: Labyrinth
URL: archive link
Logo of The Labyrinth Storyteller Awards
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The Labyrinth Storyteller Awards were annual awards for fanfiction in the Labyrinth fandom. The stories were nominated by fans and winners determined by popular vote. The voting was held in February of the year for all stories and poetry written/finished in the previous year. The awards occurred from 1997-2001.


  • Best Story Overall
  • Best Short Story
  • Funniest Story
  • Most Original Story
  • Best Erotic Scene
  • Best New Character
  • Best Characterisation of Jareth
  • Best Poem