Amethyst's Labyrinth

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Name: Amethyst's Labyrinth
Date(s): (?) 2001 - 2006
Archivist: Amethyst
Founder: Amethyst
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Labyrinth
URL: archive link
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Amethyst's Labyrinth was a large multi-author fanfiction archive in the Labyrinth fandom. It contained 1423 stories by 443 authors. The site was active during the early 2000s, and goes defunct sometime after 2006. The site also appears to be connected with the Labyrinth Fan-Fiction List mailing list.

Screen capture of home page


  • Jareth/Sarah Romances - true romantics swoon away
  • Evil Jareth - doesn't he just send shivers down your spine
  • Sarah Free Zone - can't stand her, you're not alone
  • Crossovers - your favourites enter the world of Labyrinth
  • Funnies - don't take it all too seriously
  • Listians - members of the Labyrinth lists write themselves into stories
  • Minor Characters - featuring Hoggle, Ludo, Didymus, The Worm, Sarah's stepmom etc
  • Prequels - explanations of how the Labyrinth came about and how Jareth became King etc
  • Sarah Sequels - Sarah related non J/S Romances set after Labyrinth