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Mailing List
Name: The Kirk/Spock Zine Review Mailinglist
Date(s): April 7, 2004-2005
Moderated: yes
Founder(s): kira-nerys
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Kirk/Spock
URL: The Kirk/Spock Zine Review Mailinglist, Archived version
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The Kirk/Spock Zine Review Mailinglist was a mailing list for fans to submit, read, and discuss reviews for Kirk/Spock fic in zines, both in and out-of-print. It was founded and moderated by kira-nerys.

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Discuss the zines published each year!

Join the discussion about zines, about zine publishing, about the site itself and make sure you get all the new reviews right into your own email! Don't miss a thing! Several zine publishers are members of the list (we encourage more to join!) and the listmom (Kira) encourage discussion about everything that has to do with Kirk/Spock printed fanzines.

Make your opinion heard! There are polls and other events on the list to make sure that you can make your opinion heard about the zine business and about the zines published, you can also share your own experiences about zines.

Become the Zine Reviewer of the Year!

There will also be a few zines given out to the members of the list every year, after voting "Best Reviewer of the Year". To get to vote, you must be a member of the list!

Review Guidelines

There are a few rules about how to submit reviews for the site.

All reviews should be sent to kira at

1) REVIEW FORMAT: You may submit your review as MS Word, MS Works , TXT, RTF, HTML, or in the body of an email. The following headers for each review is necessary!

Reviewed by: (Anonymous is fine if you prefer it).

Zine title: Year of publication: Publisher: In print or out of print?:

  1. of Stories:
  2. of Art Pieces:
  3. of Poems/filks:

Pagecount: Double or Single column:


2) REVEIEW INFO: You may give comments on everything about the zine. Please feel free to discuss not only the quality of the art or the writing, but also the impression you got of the zine overall. Are there a lot of spelling errors? Is it poorly beta-read? Is it exceptionally well edited? Any aspects that may contribute to the quality of the zine may be included in your review. You are more than welcome to submit reviews of single stories from a zine, even though full zine reviews will be graciously accepted!

All reviews submitted to the K/S Zine Review Site will be posted to the Mailinglist.

3) COVER IMAGE: If you have a scan of the cover of the 'zine, please include this with your review. Do not send image files in any other format than JPG or larger than 200 kb, please.

4) NOTE: The fact that a zine has already been reviewed does not mean you can't review it again. Everyone does not like the same things, and if you find a review to be in the wrong - write a new one and let people know why you disagree with other reviewers!

5) IMPORTANT: Do NOT include full names of authors or artists in your review. Use First name and initial only. For more information we have agreed that readers may contact the publisher. Many people who used to be active in K/S fandom before it ventured online are very protective of their identities, and we all need to respect their wishes. If you aren't absolutely sure that it is all right, keep their names out of the review and only refer to stories and art by title or page number.