The Infinity Complex

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Name: The Infinity Complex
Date(s): June 20, 1999- Est. April 2005[1]
Founder: Stacy Peters
Type: f/f fanfiction
Fandom: Star Trek: VOY
Infinity Complex Webring.png
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The Infinity Complex was a Star Trek: Voyager archive of f/f material, hosted by FortuneCity. The Wayback Machine suggests it went down between March 7th and April 4th, though due to the site's design, text-based works are still accessible.[2][1] Images do not appear accessible.[2]

Among the authors archived there were Bodicea, August, Robin Lawrie, Jane St. Clair, LZClotho, Kelly and AgainCourt.

The archive was a member of the Trek Ladies Ring, The Star Trek Slash Ring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Yaoi/Slash Legend of the Flame webring.[3]


Infinity Complex Stories1.png

J/7 A Blank... By Lori Costello

J/7 A Fine Line By Robin Lawrie

J/7 After Everything By August

J/7 After the Rain By Ann Page

J/T Afterthoughts By RvrendJim

J/7 Again (by Lisaof9) Linked: Mary D's Fan Fiction Trekking

J/7 A Gift By Nadir

J/7 A Haven in Hell By Inaneway

J/T A Kiss Is Still A Kiss By The Reverend

J/7 A Kiss On The Body Electric By Jane St. Clair

J/7 Alien Babe V.S. Janeway By Gip

J/7 A Little Too Late (Series) By Ingela Stern

A Little Too Late - Part One A Little Too Late - Part Two

J/7 All I Can Taste By Diana Anderson

J/7 All I Need - Part One By LZclotho

J/7 All I Need - Part Two By LZclotho

J/7 All Or Nothing (By MoJoR) Linked: MoJoR's Holodeck

J/7 Almost Bliss (By KSJN) Linked: Utopia Planitia

J/7A Lover's Touch By Robin Lawrie

J/7 Alpha (Series) By Lindsay McLachlan & Diana Anderson Linked: Alpha

Alpha - Part One Here Alpha - Part Two Here Alpha - Part Three Here Alpha - Part Four Here Alpha - Part Five Here Alpha - Part Six Here Alpha - Part Seven Here Alpha - Part Eight Here

J/Kes A Maiden Fair To See By D.Joan Leib

J/7 A Natural Course (Series) By LZClotho

A Natural Course - Part One

J/7 A New Year's Outing By Dana Starbuck

J/7 And a Child Shall Lead Them (Series) By Jcayan

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

J/7 And We’ve Never Even Kissed By Coz

J/7 Angels Would Fall By Jaran Arrasmith

J/7 Another Day Without You (By MoJoR) Linked: MoJoR's Holodeck

J/T Apology By ILuvKate

J/7 Archangelsk (By Rae) Linked: Dimensions Of Voyager

J/7 Arrogance By Boadicea

J/7 Arte/Scienza (By DiNovia) Linked: DaVinci's Studio

J/7 A Secret Santa By Dana Starbuck

J/7 As I Lay Me Down to Sleep By Virago

J/7 Asking Nicely By Robin Lawrie

J/7 Asking Nicely: Dueling Rednecks Ver. By Robin Lawrie

T/7 Assault Without Batteries By Agincourt

J/T Assumptions (By Liz Griffin) Linked: Oh Captain, My Captain

J/T Atonement By ILuvKate

J/7 A Touch of Home By Angela McNelly

J/T Authority By ILuvKate

(7) A Woman Alone By Sabine

J/7 Baby Demon (By Kelly & Boadicea) Linked: Kelly's Janeway Fanfiction

J/7 Bare Naked Bottoms By Robin Lawrie

J/7 Barely Breathing By August

J/7 Bar J (By Charlene Vickers) Linked: Watsondog's Kennel

J/T Barriers By ILuvKate

J/T Basics II: Another View By ILuvKate

J/T Bazoom By EZtrek

J/T Bed Hog By RvrendJim

J/7 Beginning & End (By Nightshade) Direct Link: Nightshade's Database

J/7 Beginnings (By Lisaof9) Linked: Mary D's Fan Fiction Trekking

J/7 Behind (By Sforzie) Linked: Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/T Being Naughty By GhostWriter

T/7 B'Elanna's Revenge By Virago

J/T Benwa By RvrendJim

J/T Betrayal By ILuvKate

Kate/Jeri Between Scenes By Nebula

J/T Beyond Gre'thor... By Silverstone

J/T Biker Gift By EZtrek

J/T Birthday Wishes (By Voybabe) Linked: Voybabe's Voyager Fanfiction

J/7 Bonds By Kelly

J/7 Bottom Of The Bottles (By Sforzie) Linked:Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/7 Breathless By Jon Andersen

J/7 Breathtaking (By CA) Linked: CA's Janeway/Seven Story Site

J/7 Bride Of Arachnia (By Tenderware) Direct Link: Delta Quadrant of Venus

J/T [7] Broken Mirror By Agincourt

J/T Captain, Darling By By ILuvKate

J/7 Captain Insaneway (Series) By Inaneway

Captain Insaneway - Part One Captain Insaneway - Part Two Captain Insaneway - Part Three Captain Insaneway - Part Four Captain Insaneway - Part Five Captain Insaneway - Part Six Captain Insaneway - Part Seven Captain Insaneway - Part Eight Captain Insaneway - Part Nine Captain Insaneway - Part Ten

J/T Captain's Ball By EZtrek

J/T Captain's Quarters By Carter

J/T Captured By Eztrek

J/7 Captain's Privilege (Series) By PatsBard

Part One Part Two Part Three

J/7 Captain's Protocol By NicoleTS18

J/T Captured - Post Script By Eztrek

J/7 Caregiver By Robin Lawrie

J/T Cat and Mouse By RvrendJim

J/T Caught By ILuvKate

T/7 Chained Melody By Diane Bellomo

[J/7] 7/f Changes (Series) By Roz

Part One - Five Part Six - Ten Part Eleven - Forteen Part Fifteen - Eighteen Part Nineteen Part Twenty Part Twenty-One Part Twenty-Two Part Twenty-Three

J/7 Changes Of Fate (By Sforzie) Linked:Sforzie's J/7 Library

T/7 Changing Times By Elf

J/7 Checkers (By sHaYcH) Linked: sHaYch's Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

J/7 Christmas Kisses By Ingela Stern

J/7 Cinderella By Ann Page

T/7 Close Encounter By JT

J/7 Clueless By Robin Lawrie

J/7 Coffee, She, And Me (By Sforzie) Linked:Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/7 Collective Thoughts By LZClotho

J/7 Colonize The Body By MS. Russo

J/T Combat Simulations By ILuvKate

J/T Coming Home (By Imzadi) Linked: Mary D's Fan Fiction Trekking

T/7 Coming to an Agreement By Susan Thompson

J/7 Command Decision By PatsBard

J/T Command Performance By RvrendJim

J/T/7 Confessions By Agincourt

J/T Conjecture By RvrendJim

J/T Connections By EZtrek

J/T Consolations By ILuvkate

J/T/7 Consort (Series) By Eztrek

Consort - Prologue Consort - Part One Consort - Part Two Consort - Part Three Consort - Part Four Consort - Part Five Consort - Part Six Consort - Part Seven Consort - Part Seven Consort - Part Nine Consort - Part Ten Consort - Part Eleven Consort - Part Twelve Consort - Part Thirteen Consort - Part Fourteen Consort - Part Fifteen Consort - Part Sixteen Consort - Part Seventeen Consort - Part Eighteen Consort - Part Nineteen Consort - Part Twenty Consort - Part Twenty-One

J/7 Conspiracy Continued By Dacia

J/T Contagion By ILuvKate

T/7 Costumes By Agincourt

J/T Crunch (By Rae) Linked: Dimensions Of Voyager

J/T Cupid Capricious By ILuvKate

J/7 Cyberspace By Wonko

J/7 Dance of Fate By Moosie

J/T/7 Dance Of The Seven Veils By EZTrek

J/7 7/[f] Dark Planet (Part One) By KashKona

J/7 Dawn in the Delta (By sHaYcH) Linked: sHaYch's Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

J/T Day Off By ILuvKate

J/T Day Of Honor By RvrendJim

J/f Dear Computer By Angel

J/7 Dear Starfleet Forum By Anonymous

J/7 Death, Birth, Love, and What By Star

J/T Decisions By ILuvKate

J/T/7 Delta of Voyager By Agincourt

J/7 Denial of Humanity (Series) By McGee

Part One Part Two

J/7 Desire By August

J/7 Desire (By Voybabe) Linked: Voybabe's Voyager Fanfiction

J/T Despair By Inspiration's Muse

J/T Desperada: The Christmas Gift (Series) By Eztrek

Desperada: CG - Part One Desperada: CG - Part Two Desperada: CG - Part Three Desperada: CG - Part Four Desperada: CG - Part Five

J/T/7 Detente By Agincourt

J/7 Devotions / Demotions By Inspiration's Muse

J/7 Different Haven By Melanie Tyrrell

J/T Discoveries (By Liz Griffin) Linked: Oh Captain, My Captain

J/T Diversions By ILuvKate

J/7 Doing Time (Series) By Nightshades Direct Link: Nightshade's Database

Part One: Crash-Landing Part Two: Trial and Error Part Three: Transition

J/7 Don't Dream It Be It (Series) By Elf

Don't Dream It... - Part One - Two Don't Dream It... - Part Three Don't Dream It... - Part Four

J/7 Dream A Little Dream By Robin Lawrie

J/T Dreams and Nightmares By ILuvKate

J/7 Dreamscape By Diana Anderson

J/7 Drunken Confession By Star

J/7 Duty Calls By LZClotho

J/T Duty Day Gift By EZtrek

J/7 EMBERS By J.D. Andersen

J/T Emergent Properties (By Liz Griffin) Linked:Oh Captain, My Captain

J/7 Emotions (Series) By Arf Linked: Arf's Voyager Page

Passage From Emotions - Part One Deeper Emotions - Part Two

J/T Entente By Agincourt

J/7 Epiphany By Angela McNelly

J/7 [f] Equation By Kelly

J/7 Equinox II By Angel Of Nine

J/T Erin - Go - Bragh - Less By RvrendJim

J/T Expelling Demons By Carter

J/T Extreme Risk: Another Take By ILuvKate

J/7 Eyes of a Child (Series) By TJ

Eyes of a Child - Part One Eyes of a Child - Part Two Eyes of a Child - Part Three

J/T Face To Face By Anonymous

J/7 Fair Game By Robin Lawrie

7/[f] Falling By Wonko

J/T Falling In Love Again By T'Reija

J/T Family By RvrendJim

J/7 Fate Needs A Push (Series) By Moosie

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Fate Needs... - Part One - Four Fate Needs... - Part Five Fate Needs... - Part Six Fate Needs... - Part Seven Fate Needs... - Part Eight Fate Needs... - Part Nine

J/7 Fear Is A Bird By One

J/7 Feet First By Robin Lawrie

J/T Firefight By ILuvKate

J/T Fireworks By Carter

J/7 First Musings By Micboisme

J/7 First Person, Singular (By Silverstone) Directly Linked: Silverstone

J/T Fisticuffs By The Reverend

J/T Version Flying Solo By GhostWriter

(J) Version Flying Solo By GhostWriter

J/7 For Better Or Worse (By MojoR) Linked: MoJoR's Holodeck

J/7 For Love of You By Anikka

J/7 For The Last Time By Michelle Marquand

J/7 Fovever (By Nightshade) Directly Linked: Nightshade's Database

J/T Forgotten By ILuvKate

J/7 For Kathryn By Rose Vorse

J/T For Want Of A Nail By RvrendJim

J/7 Free-verse thingie By Anikka

J/T Full Dress Eztrek

J/T Fun And Games By ILuvKate

J/7 Gently, Softly By Jenn

J/7 Gestures By LZClotho

J/7 Giddy By Boadicea

J/7 Gift By Angela Glass

J/T Giving (By Liz Griffin) Linked: Oh Captain, My Captain

J/7 Go High Like The Wind By Kaskara

J/7 Good Enough To Eat By Elf

J/7 Good vs. Bad By Anikka

J/7 Green Eyed Monster By Virago

J/7 Grief By KashKona

T/7 Guilty (By DiNovia) Linked: DaVinci's Studio

J/7 Guilty Thoughts By Jon Andersen

J/7 Hand to Hand By Robin Lawrie

J/7 Haunted Holodeck (By Sforzie) Linked:Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/T Haunted House By Carter

J/7 Have A Nice Evening (By sHaYch) Linked: sHaYch's Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

J/7 Having A Headache (By Sforzie) Linked:Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/T Heartwood By Blue Champagne

J/7 Heat Stroke (By Sforzie) Linked: Sforzie's J/7 Library

J/7 Here With Me By Elf

J/T Heaven and Hell (By Liz Griffin) Linked: Oh Captain, My Captain

J/7 Her Choice: Part One (By Voybabe) Linked: Voybabe's Voyager Fanfiction

J/7 Her Choice Two (By Voybabe) Linked: Voybabe's Voyager Fanfiction

J/T Hide and Seek By RvrendJim

J/T Hobras By ILuvkate

J/7 Hold You Down By Anikka

J/[f] Home Is Where the Heart Is (By Liz Griffin) Linked: Oh Captain, My Captain

[J/7] 7/f Howl (Series) By KashKona

Howl - Part One Howl - Part Two Howl - Part Three Howl - Part Four Howl - Part Five Howl - Part Six Howl - Part Seven Howl - Part Eight Howl - Part Nine Howl - The Conclusion

J/T I Can't Make You Love Me By T'Reija

J/7 Idle Gossip By TJ

J/7 If I Could Hold You By Anikka

J/T Images By ILuvkate

J/7 Impunity By Boadicea

T/7 Inclinations By Susan Thompson

J/7 Independance Day By Star

J/T Indiscretion By RvrendJim

J/7 Inspiration By KashKona


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