Oh Captain, My Captain

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You may be looking for Captain My Captain, a Lord of the Rings fic.

Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Oh Captain, My Captain
Author(s): Christine Faltz
Date(s): 1997?
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9
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Oh Captain, My Captain is a slash Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: DS9 story by Christine Faltz.

Reactions and Reviews

"Oh Captain, My Captain" by Christine Faltz TNG/DS9 (everyone/everybody, mostly P/f, some mildly kinky stuff) -- I've gone on about this, but suffice it to say that this story and its writer have been mentioned in the mainstream press. Christine was very involved in the PSEB (Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade) for a while and is a pretty good example of a BNF (Big Name Fan, or someone who is known both inside and outside fandom). [1]
Seriously--I've been writing fanfic since around the time of the last Blish novelization, in my childhood. Discovered a.s.c. because someone somewhere on the net told me about Christine Faltz's "Oh Captain My Captain" and I had to see it for myself. [2]
Probably the most famous piece of 'net TrekSmut ever written (it's been mentioned in mainstream print a couple of times).

"Oh Captain, My Captain" by Christine Faltz (former FAQ maintainer for ASFS/ASCE) is a great big TNG/DS9 "kitchen sink" story. The main story line is about Picard and a female Q named Ztlaf (spell it backwards) and is a fairly serious story. The B story, and the C story and all the way through to the Z story are all about various characters we know and love having sex with other characters we know and love. Some of the combinations are more believable than others. Riker and five Ferengi women? Troi and Worf *and* Beverly? I won't give any more of this away, you'll have to read it for yourself. It's a little dated (it was written before "Generations" and only two ? seasons into DS9), but worth the time and effort. You can find it in the ascem archive <http://aviary.share.net/~alara/index9.html> and in Mercutio's Q archive <http://www.europa.com/~mercutio/Q.html>.

If Professor Gifford were teaching TrekSmut 101, OCMC would be required reading. I'd review it, but I don't know how to possibly keep the review under five pages or so. [3]
I'm having a small moment of nostalgia here, and am reccing accordingly. Oh Captain, My Captain was the very first piece of smut I ever came across when I first ventured out into the wonderful world of fanfiction. And what a marvellous piece! Just about every single main character, and a few minor ones in both the TNG and DS9 fandoms get laid in this story, in new and inventive ways (Bajoran women do it HOW?), and Q both new and old have starring roles in Picard's life. This is a hot, panty ruining, touching and original piece that I enjoyed. I hope you will too. [4]


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