The Golden Quill Awards

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Name: The Golden Quill Awards
Date(s): August 2009 - 2010 (?)
Frequency: annual (planned)
Type: fanfic
Associated Community:
Fandom: multi-fandom
URL:; archive link
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The Golden Quill Awards is an annual event run by WendWriter to honour the best fanfiction writers. Family-friendly stories from a variety of fandoms are nominated by specified genres and judged by poll. A sister site to the Archives of Excellence, it went live in August 2009, and was set up to differentiate between the monthly writing challenges at the Archives and the annual Awards.

Promotion of the Awards is run from the announcements thread on WendWriter's forum, Can We Talk? and on her LiveJournal. Nominations for the Awards are added as replies to posts on the, Golden Quill Awards blog.

Nominations take place on 1st March of each year, and continue until May 30th. The polls are set up in June and the nominees contacted to ensure they are aware that their stories have been nominated. Polls go live on 1st July and voting ends on 31st August. Winners are announced on 1st September.

Winners receive a profile page in the Archives of Excellence. They also get a spot in the Winners' Hall of Fame at the Golden Quill Awards, in which their winners' icon is displayed with a link to the winning story and their profile on the Archives of Excellence.