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Recommendation Website
Name: Archives of Excellence
Reccer(s): WendWriter
Dates: July 2009 - present
Fandom: multi-fandom (Discworld, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion and Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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The Archives of Excellence is a rec site owned and run by WendWriter, which lists and links the best fanfiction stories of a variety of fandoms. Every month there is a writing challenge, which is run through the Updates page on the site, WendWriter's LiveJournal account and WendWriter's forum, Can We Talk? Writers for any fandom can write a story of any genre at any length, though it must be family-friendly. The best entries are added to the Writing Challenge Stories page on the Archives.

The site went live in July 2009, and is constantly being updated. Featured authors who also produce art, crafts or videos have galleries on which their work is displayed. Icons representing awards they have won are added to their profiles with links to the winning stories. Links to the websites on which their stories, artwork or other interests are hosted are added to their profile pages to give readers a comprehensive view of the authors' body of work and status in fandom.

Facilities for discussion, entering the monthly writing challenges and uploading stories have been added. These are Archives of Excellence on LiveJournal, Archives of Excellence Fanfiction Library, and Writers Rendezvous. Writers Rendezvous is for original fiction, which is accepted on the Archives of Excellence Fanfiction Library.