The Galileo Three

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Fan Club
Name: The Galileo Three
Dates: mid-1990s-?
Founder(s): Jeri Flick
Country based in: United States
Focus: Star Trek
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The Galileo Three was/is a Star Trek fan club in International Falls, MN.

One well-known member of this fan club was a fan named Bobbie Adams. She gained attention in mainstream media when she arrived for jury duty in the Whitewater case dressed in a Star Trek uniform.

This fan club published a newsletter called The Murasaki Probe.

From a description in Trexperts #22 in 1994:
The Galileo Three is a 'sister' club to First Contact in Bemidji, Minnesota. Situated in International Falls, MN, The Galileo Three is a correspondence club. Anyone interested in joining is required to take an extensive entrance exam, with questions spanning all three current Star Trek series and movies. Rank is determined by the number of questions answered correctly. The highest rank one can achieve is Commander. The lowest is Yeoman Third Class. Once in, the new member is required to write a short Star Trek story. It can be from either era. It can be a long narrative, cliffhanger, funny or serious. By 'short' we mean that it must be brief enough to read in one sitting (three or four pages for me). You may use established characters or make some up. A nominal $5 fee is required from each member once a year for postage and sticker expenses. There are prizes each month for the best story submitted for that month. That person will receive original series stickers and will be published in First Contact's newsletter The Prime Directive. At the end of the year, I will choose the best story of the year. It will also be published in the newsletter. Each new member will receive a membership card on which they can inscribe their alien personas and their ranks and real names.