The Fan Who Wore a Star Trek Uniform for Jury Duty

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In 1996, a fan arrived for jury duty (the Whitewater trial of Governor Jim Guy Tucker in Little Rock, Arkansas) wearing a Star Trek uniform.

She was dismissed from the jury pool for talking to the press.

This fan was interviewed in the film series Trekkies.

Why the uniform? "Star Trek expresses the values of justice that should guide her service. For her, the fan club serves as a center of meaning-making ritual activity that seems very much like religious community. The Star Trek films and television episodes are the sacred texts that provide the moral lessons that guide her practice." [1]

Some Comments

In the Non-Fan Realms

Some sample comments in mainstream articles, were almost universally cruel and lacking imagination:

  • wearing a Star Trek uniform every day was an indicator of poor mental health
  • she was in contempt of court
  • she was mocking the judicial system
  • she was trying to get out of jury duty
  • she was a showboater who wanted attention
  • she should be ashamed of herself
  • she had confused her role as a fan club president with real life

Fan-Centric Venues

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  1. quoted in the book "Media, Religion and Culture: An Introduction" by Jeffrey H. Mahan, which in turn appears to have been a quote from the film Trekkies

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