The Force on Air

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Title: The Force on Air
Publisher: Cloud City
Editor(s): Fiorenzo Delle Rupi
Date(s): 1993 or before
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: Italian, perhaps English as well
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The Force on Air is a gen Star Wars zine published in Italy. They are the transcription of the Star Wars Radio Show by Brian Daley. The zines are both English and Italian.

There were two volumes, total page count was 243. The first volume was titled: "A New Hope." The second volume was titled: "Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell and The Empire Strikes Back."

flyer for issue #2 from Southern Enclave #28 and Anakin


From a flyer:

The Two volumes of THE FORCE ON AIR series are the result of a long and outstanding research work, as they feature the transcription of the Star Wars Radio Show series by Brian Daley. Each volume features the English transcription of the two scripts and the relative Italian translation; together, the two versions form a volume of over 200 pages which contains all the dialogues, the scenes and the events transmitted in 1980-83 by National Public Radio.

Transcriptions and translations have been accomplished by Doris Bosa, Patricia Brennan, Fiorenzo Delle Rupi, Giula Garbin and Lee W. Vibber.

Each episode of the series is introduced by a full page art composition by Italian SW and CC illustrators Sara Ferluga and Stefano Vimercati. The volumes also feature color covers by Graziano Cossu (volume I) and Mario Zorzi (volume II).

Both volumes are available from Cloud City


Volume 1

  • A Wind to Shake the Stars
  • Points of Origin
  • Black Knight, White Princess and Pawns
  • While Giants Mark Time
  • Jedi that Was, Jedi to Be
  • Millennium Falcon Deal
  • The Han Solo Solution
  • Death Star's Transit
  • Rogues, Rebels and Robots
  • The Luke Skywalker Initiative
  • The Jedi Nexus
  • The Case for Rebellion
  • Force and Counter Force

Volume 2

  • Freedom's Winter
  • The Coming Storm
  • A Question of Survival
  • Fire and Ice
  • The Millennium Falcon Pursuit
  • Way of the Jedi
  • New Allies, New Enemies
  • Dark Lord's Fury
  • Gambler's Choice
  • The Clash of Lightsabers