The Firelight

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Name: The Firelight
Date(s): 17 July 2004 - c. November 2005[1]
Archivist: "The Pride" (see Staff)
Type: Harry/Ginny fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (defunct)
LJ comm (purged)
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The Firelight was a selective Harry/Ginny archive active from 2004 to 2005. It also had an active forum community. Though it was H/G-centric, it allowed fanworks and discussions about any pairing that did not contradict Harry/Ginny.

At the archive's height in August 2005, it hosted 173 stories and two essays.[2]

The site's name came from a quote from Order of the Phoenix that many shippers felt hinted at the H/G pairing.[3] The archive's motto was "Flames of love never burned so bright."

The Firelight Forum; archived 09 March 2005.


The Firelight's administrative team was known as "The Pride". Initial Pride members included Gaineewop, Invisblegrl, Velvethope, Lady G, Water's Edge, and Julia Weasley. By April 2005, Avenger42, XiaoXiao, Lady Draherm, Tari, and caledon had joined the team, and Gaineewop, Invisblegrl, Velvethope, and Water's Edge had left it.[4]

Other Firelight staff included "Chimney Sweepers", the archive's beta readers, and "Flame Keepers", moderators of the Firelight Forum.

Content Restrictions

The Firelight was a selective archive; it required all stories to be approved by the Pride as well as reviewed by one of the archive's betas. Stories with poor SPAG, characterization, or originality were rejected.

Stories of all ratings were accepted, though NC-17 fics were located in a separate category (called "Chocolate in the Library") from lower-rated stories ("The Common Room"). Additionally, all pairings were permitted, including slash, provided that they did not contradict the Harry/Ginny pairing and Harry and Ginny ended up together.

The archive did not accept stories with student/teacher relationships where the student is underage, bestiality, incest, necrophilia, or mpreg (with possible exceptions "for the purposes of comedy"). Stories containing references to rape/non-con were "accepted or rejected at the pure discretion of the Pride", but stories with non-con scenes were prohibited.[5]

The Firelight also had a section for meta essays, called "Great Minds". Essays were subject to the same submission process and content restrictions as fanfiction, and were "open to all topics".

The Firelight Forum

"The Firelight Forum is where we all hang out. Introduce yourself in the Sorting Feast, discuss the romantic pairing of Harry and Ginny in HMS Emerald Flame, debate a topic in The Great Debate, and ask for help with writing questions in Writing Assistance or for beta help in Pre-Betas. You need to be a registered member to post and it's easy."[6]

The forum had sections for discussion Harry Potter canon and fanon as well as writing, as well as a board for debating different topics, rotating bi-weekly and announced via the LiveJournal community.


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