The Dome Cycle

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Title: The Dome Cycle
Author(s): M. Fae Glasgow
Date(s): 1989-1993
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Dome Cycle is a Blake's 7 fiction series by M. Fae Glasgow.

The stories were published in the print zine Oblaque and are online as pdfs here.

The Series

Reactions and Reviews

The Dome Cycle: Unfinished A/B/V epic that takes "what if they'd won and still weren't happy?" as the starting point. I've given a link to the first chunk, but the best bit is Promises, Promises, where a wincingly-sharp portrayal of Avon's cold and neglectful Alpha family is added to the mix. All the stories are, of course, available from the Oblique site, but it's still not finished and never will be, as M. Fae sadly seems to have dropped out of the fandom.

Helen Patrick's excellent Tales from Space City 'zine contains several (some not entirely serious) attempts to conclude the saga.

I believe there is another one in a multimedia 'zine.[1]

Inspired Works

  • Many Coloured Glass by Maggie Hall in Concupiscence -- "This is a proposed ending to Mfae's series "The Dome Cycle". It's an excellent attempt at not only resolving the many conflicts presented by the series, but also at capturing Mfae's distinctive writing style. Perhaps it's not quite as sharp as our resident Scot would write it, but it's certainly a very close approximation. The fact that she also manages to wrap the thing up with a much happier ending than I think Mfae would have written, just manages to put a smile on my face. (Pardon me while I stop for an instant worshiping at the alter of the Sacred Scot long enough to curtsey at Ms. Hall. :-)" [2]}}
  • Dome Cycle Lament by Christabel and Vanessa Mullen (in Tales from Space City), assorted alternate endings for "The Dome Cycle


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