The Daenerys Fan Challenge

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Name: The Daenerys Fan Challenge
Date(s): October 1 - 14, 2014
Moderator(s): lordbryndenrivers, rivelleckerman, theclashofqueens
Founder: Stormbornvalkyrie
Type: fan art, gif sets, fan edits
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Associated Community:
URL: daenerys challenge; archive link
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The Daenerys Fan Challenge was a two week prompt based challenge. All fanworks had to be about the character Daenerys Targaryen. Fanworks included fan art, gif sets and other types of fan edits.


  • 1: Favorite Moment or Favorite Season
  • 2: Favorite Relationship or Saddest Moment
  • 3: Breaker of Chains or Mother of Dragons
  • 4: Favorite Location or Favorite Color
  • 5: Favorite Quote or Happiest Moment
  • 6: Favorite Hairstyle or Favorite Costume
  • 7: House Targaryen Pride or Personal Choice
  • Bonus Day: Day of the Dragons