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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Compound
Author: Ratadder & Teand
Dates: 27 October 1999 - 18 June 2006 (last update)
Fandom: The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, BtVS
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The Compound is a personal slash fanfiction site.

In entering The Compound, you have found your way to the slash of Ratadder and Teand. Ratadder would like to take this opportunity to thank torch, without whom this page would not exist. He would also like to thank ari for hosting.

If you linger to browse, you will soon find that Ratadder is a confirmed KrycekSlut, and writes all Krycek, all the time. M/K, K/Sk, and general confusion abound. Teand, being more of a slashslut in general, writes in X-Files, Buffy, and Stargate SG1. M/K and J/D abound.

The stories on this page fall up and down the "explicit" continuum, and therefore make this an ADULT site. Please police yourself. The Compound is a warning free zone. Caveat lector.


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resist and serve

Burn Me If You Want (21 K). Alex doesn't mind saving the world... it's interpersonal relationships that are a real pain in the ass.

Don't Call Me Lois... (28 K). Walter, on the other hand, thinks saving the world is overrated.

Under the Covers (30 K). Walter avoids a few subjects with his roommate.

Optimism (78 K). Walter and Alex meet in outer space.

Oxygen (143 K). Alex's POV on meeting in outer space. Same story through a different set of eyes.

Instead of Sheep (112 K). Everything's falling into place and Alex is falling apart.

And Never Brought To Mind (25 K). Mulder bumps into an auld acquaintance he can never quite forget.

Still Burning (84 K). Alex appears to have the same trouble with inconveniently memorable acquaintances.

Nominated for a 2001 Lisa e krysa award for best angst and best long story.

chemical agents

   "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed." - Jung

Cover art for Chemical Agents: 380x545 (91 K) | 279x400 (71 K)

Chemical Agents 1: Catalysis (185 K). Cover art for Catalysis: 380x545 (90 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 2: Toxicosis (175 K). Cover art for Toxicosis: 380x545 (92 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 3: Volatility (179 K). Cover art for Volatility: 380x545 (90 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 4: Metamorphosis (164 K). Cover art for Metamorphosis: 380x545 (93 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 5: Reactivity (148 K). Cover art for Reactivity: 380x545 (90 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 6: Valence (164 K). Cover art for Valence: 380x545 (90 K) | 279x400 (59 K)

Chemical Agents 1-6 (1 050 K).

All cover art by Marcia Elena.

   When Alex falls into the tender hands of the Consortium, getting out again requires an unlikely ally, and sets in motion a chain reaction he can't escape.
   By Ratadder and Queen Mab. 

stand-alone stories

Spiking the Conversation (15 K). M/K. Alex and Mulder discuss the extreme possibilities inherent in their favorite tv program.

Cupidity (53 K). M/K. This is the story of a time not-so-long ago... Valentines Day, 1999, to be exact. But the gods are still petty and cruel, and still plaguing mankind with suffering. Sort of. One man has come to their attention. No, no... not *him*. Alex Krycek, of course. Alex has never had a Valentine's Day quite like this. (All divine intervention in this story borrowed with glee from Hercules, The Legendary Journies.)

When Smoke Gets In Your Dreams (15 K). Who knows what lurks in the subconscious of smoking men? Alex Krycek, of course.

Hoover Dreams Suck (9 K). Sk/K. Walter Skinner ponders a recurring dream.

Sinoilat Xel (41 K). Sk/K. When you have nothing left to lose, release can take on a different meaning.

Alex's Apology (8 K). M/K. Mulder wants an apology. Now.

Renaissance Man (84 K) Mulder goes to a Renaissance Faire and discovers some interesting things about several of his acquaintances. Co-written with Queen Mab.

Straightforward (90 K). Sk/K. The games boys play...

Written for the e-zine Warm Thoughts.

Those Hot Winter Nights (450 K). Mulder and Skinner go hunting an alien ship and find an Alex instead.

Shan Ray and I got into a conversation about how we visualized the "little voices" that Alex, Mulder and Walter refer to frequently in Those Hot Winter Nights... like those little cartoon angels and devils that used to appear on a character's shoulders. Shan's description of her particular vision tickled me to no end, so she very kindly made a visual representation and sent it to me. After I got done laughing so hard I scared the neighbors, I asked Shan if I could share them on my site. She said yes. Here they are. Enjoy. (14 K)

Existential (450 K). What if the Consortium threw an assassination, and no one came?



Buffy the X-Files Slayer (70 K). (M/K) Mulder and Scully investigate a little Southern California town with a disproportionally high number of deaths and disappearances... and one teenage girl named Buffy. As usual, cemeteries in Sunnydale are the place to be. Crossover with X-Files.

Spiked (22 K). (S/A) Spike picks up a little present for Dru, but finds he might have a better use for it himself.

pirates of the carribean

Helm's a Lee! (10 K). Even on short acquaintance, it was easy to see that Jack and rum were, well, close.

Save the Last Dance (10 K). Jack wants to dance. Will's not sure what he wants. Sequel to Helm's a Lee!

Take What You Can (27 K). It was night in the tavern with Gibbs then it was morning on the dock inspecting the crew -- and we've all been wondering what happened during that long Caribbean night. Well, wonder no more.


Expressions (13 K). (C/L)

Reflections (8 K). (C/L) Chloe has a little trouble sleeping. Although it's not necessary, you may want to read Expressions first, as it seems to be becoming a series.

Help Me, Obi-Wan (9 K). (C/L) Popular culture helps throw some light on Clark's situation.


Commentary (18 K). (J/D) Daniel has a bit of a think about the current situation -- which then changes.

Time Enough (20 K). Jack and Daniel are given the opportunity to talk about a few things. Eventually, they get to the point.

A Reason to Smile (9 K). A Meridian fix-it that begins right after the end of S5 ep 22 Revelations.

One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty-Six (12 K). A direct sequel to A REASON TO SMILE.

T-Minus Ten and Counting (135 K). When a botanical quarantine traps pretty much the entire SGC inside the mountain, boredom levels begin to rise.

A Thousand Words for Oops (113 K). Daniel makes a small mistranslation and Jack finds out a few things about himself, their relationship, and pixie sticks.

Home Again (14 K). Daniel returns from a trip to Washington, but his welcome home isn't all he might have hoped for.

That Big Band Sound (14 K). An old friend is keeping tabs on Jack and Daniel.

Dressed in Holiday Style (19 K). We know if they've been bad or good, and most of the time, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Warning: Santa kink.

Seven Times and Counting (13 K). A quiet team story where Jack lets some feelings show.

Road Trip (139 K). An indirect follow to That Big Band Sound.

Infirmary After (11 K). Essentially gen, a bit of what would likely happen were SG in the real world catches up to SG-1. This is not funny. Nor was it intended to be. You may consider yourself warned.

What A Man Does For His Country (13 K). This particular piece was written to celebrate Masturbation Month. What? Yes, there is. No, really. It's the merry month of May. No real surprise it's merry...

What Goes Around part i part ii

stargate: captured clichés

Same Old, Same Old (3 K). Come on guys, it's only 3K long -- it's short and funny. What's to lose?

S.W.A.K. (5 K)

Been There, Done That (7 K).

Once More, With Groping (5 K). It's a team fic. No, really.

A Day In The Life (8 K).

stargate atlantis

Great Expectations. Sheppard/McKay.


Game, Set, Match (28 K). (M/K) Mulder tries to recapture the past but finds himself holding the future instead.

Buffy the X-Files Slayer (70 K). (M/K) Mulder and Scully investigate a little Southern California town with a disproportionally high number of deaths and disappearances... and one teenage girl named Buffy. As usual, cemeteries in Sunnydale are the place to be. Crossover with Buffy.

An Anecdotal Study on the Application of Memory Pertaining to Arousal in the Moderately Repressed Human Male (21 K). Byers attempts to reclaim the suit Mulder borrowed in the hospital, hoping to solve a long-standing problem in the process. But that's what friends are for...

We Can Build a Snowman (74 K). (M/K) Mulder is once again pursuing Krycek with all the finesse and common sense we've come to expect from an agent of the FBI. In other words, no one should be too surprised when the avalanche shows up.


The Night Before Christmas (2 K).

Loser Takes All (5 K). Harry Potter (Wood/Flint). Even Gryffindors have dark sides.

Boys Will Be Boys (5 K). TPM. Egregious product placement.