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Also see The Chosen One.

Name: "The Chosen One"
Owner/Maintainer: Robin K.
Dates: February 2006 to the present
Type: Personal site
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson-centric
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"The Chosen One" is a site of Stargate SG-1 fan fiction, which centers around the character of Daniel Jackson. This private site contains the award-winning work of authors Robin K, Renee B., and Lisa A.

Started in February of 2006 by Robin K., after having her stories listed in an archive-type site, "The Chosen One" was at first just a simple gathering of pages that housed her stories, including her first series, The Chosen One, and soon grew to house her second series, Destiny's Child. Two stories independent of either series were also posted there.

When Renee and Robin wrote a crossover story, in which their two Stargate universes merged for a time, it was decided that all of Renee's stories, which had been housed in the same archive-type site, and which introduced her original character, should be listed on "The Chosen One" as well. Thus, Renee's Corner was created.

Lisa A. was a friend and avid reader of both Robin and Renee's stories, and had also been nudged by the Muse. Unwilling to pair Daniel Jackson with her OC, she chose to instead write about Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. And thus it was that Lisa joined the site, with a corner of her own.

Determined to have as much fun as possible, indulging in both the love of writing and the love of Stargate SG-1, the three have delighted in adding graphics and links to their stories to offer readers a different option in the world of fan fiction.

Over the years, the site has grown; and boasts readers from around the world who have chosen to "Take the Journey" with the characters of SG-1, and the growing cast of original characters who join them.

One of the compliments most often received by these writers is that readers find the stories so close to the original show that there is no difficulty in recognizing the characters, nor the situations in which they find themselves.