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I see that the site owner put that "visit our site" sentence back in, but I agree that it is inappropriate in tone, even rephrased. I mean, the "we" of this article is not in fact the owners of the site (even though de-facto they've written the article) but this wiki as a group, which is not in any way affiliated with that fic page.Also I don't get what that Skiffy Award link is there for. Is that the award that site won? Then it should be linked above andmake the award sentence more specific.--RatCreature 11:38, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

Forgive me for putting that line back in. I had listed my site here as a way to let other Stargate fans know that it was available, and it's a 'line' on the homepage, and one that 'we' (meaning Renee, Lisa, and myself) use often when talking to others about TCO. As for the Skiffy link, that's how I FOUND fanlore, by following a hit from the server stats back to this site. TCO is linked via the Skiffy awards. And yes, as a matter of fact, we have over a dozen Skiffy awards combined. If it's inappropriate, even though I mention that our site is 'award winning', then by all means remove it as well. If the sentence referring to the awards needs to be more specific (as in mentioning the awards) we can toss in the Stargate Fan Awards that have been won as well. I had mistakenly thought that by creating this page, and the fact that it was about my site, I would have 'creative control' over the content. Again I apologize for the misconception. Please don't think I'm being snarky, as that's certainly not my intention...I'm just trying to figure out what is and isn't 'appropriate'. Perhaps it would be better if I just submit to one of the fanlore editors(?) what I'd like to see on the page, and allow them to do any editing? The 'offending' sentence and the Skiffy link have been removed. (Should I remove the link to the FB page? It's okay if that would be more appropriate, I just thought any Stargate fans who just might wander into this site, and saw the page, might enjoy checking it out.)

Everybody registered can edit any wiki page, so you are a fanlore editor already (there are also gardeners and admins with more powers). The editing and phrasing is done collectively on all articles, nobody controls any article personally. The only personal pages that only you can edit are the user pages, so only you control your user page. It's totally okay that you create an article about your own fan site, after all you know about it, but afterwards anyone can edit it and add what they think about the site etc.
There is no single "style" in this wiki, because it is meant as a sort of fandom history/recollection so styles vary, but it is not meant as promotional as such, though of course people do follow links from here. (For more detailed info see Fanlore:About, Fanlore:Editorial Procedures, Fanlore:Plural Point of View, and the other help pages, which admittedly are somewhat numerous and perhaps intimidating at first, lol)
The problem I had with the award link is that where it's put it just showed as "[1]" as if it was a footnote or citation for the page before when viewing the article. It makes sense to crosslink the Skiffy Award via a wikilink, just in a place where it is part of a sentence is better. (BTW, you can sign your talk page contributions with that squiggly line button, the second from the right.)--RatCreature 13:22, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

Welcom, Robin K., and thank you for making this page. :-) --Mrs. Potato Head 16:58, 28 July 2010 (UTC)