The Chibi Project

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Name: The Chibi Project
Dates: 1999 - present
Type: fansite
Fandom: Sailor Moon
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Chibi-Usa, from the Sailor Moon, became such an object of mockery that many character bashing sites were made against her. One of the most memorable was The Chibi Project, in which someone took a figurine of Chibi-Moon and performed various tests on it to "test" her durability/evil.

The history is described thus:

The Chibi Project is a web site that was created in 1999 to document the ongoing process of attempts to destroy a small Chibi Moon figure. In December 1998, PatrickD was given a PVC plastic Chibi Moon figure by a friend who had received it as part of a set of Sailor Moon characters. She didn't want Chibi Moon, so she gave it to him with the instructions, "Do whatever you want to it. Stomp on it if you want to." She then proceeded to bring her boot's heel down on Chibi Moon's face. Nothing happened. Patrick vowed to finish the job. [1]

The first test performed on her was being run over by a commuter train (result: "Very light damage, only a few scrapes," conclusion: "Chibi Moon is more powerful than a locomotive."). Other tests include Freezing, electric sawing, hot glueing, and juice.

The Chibi Project has since gone on to perform tests on other items.

By late 2002, after many other experiments, it became apparent that Chibi Moon wouldn't hold up to much more testing. She was now in multiple pieces and her face was gone. It was time to move on to other anime toys. With these "side projects", The Chibi Project would not need to worry about what was left in the end and could go to extremes. The first test was conducted on Burning Gundam because, honestly, he was just asking for it with a name like that! Starting at Anime Boston 2003, The Chibi Project started doing live convention appearances featuring video footage from past experiments and occasionally a live experiment. Other conventions have since invited The Chibi Project to appear and run a panel, exposing yet more people to the wonders of The Chibi Project. [1]


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