The Cheryl Ladd Odyssey

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Title: The Cheryl Ladd Odyssey
Creator: Robert Mundy
Date(s): 1990
Medium: video tape/VHS
Fandom: Charlie's Angels, other Ladd subjects
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The Cheryl Ladd Odyssey is a two-and-a-half hour VHS tape created by Robert Mundy, the same fan who published The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter.

The tape was advertised in the newsletter's first issue in 1990, and appears to have been updated at least once, and originally had a different title.

From a letter by the creator: "Hello Cheryl Ladd Fan, and thanks for ordering the videotape I made on her... This exciting tape is all on Cheryl and is a must for any fan of her. Enclosed with the tape is a flyer, telling you a little about the tape and it's [sic] intentions. Please read the flyer before viewing the tape. On the last page of the flyer is a comment sheet that I would like you to fill out and return to me after viewing it. Any feedback is priceless to me and I'm real curious to hear your feelings and thoughts, good or bad, to my tape, so please take the time and send the comment sheet back. For those of you who have received an earlier version of the tape from me, under another title, this is an updated version of the old tape, with even more exciting footage. I hope you all enjoy the tape and Cheryl Ladd."