The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter

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Title: The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter
Editor(s): Robert Mundy
Date(s): 1990-1991
Medium: print
Size: 8" x 11"
Fandom: Cheryl Ladd, Charlie's Angels
Language: English
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The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter -- there were at least four issues. The edtior of this newsletter also created a fan tape, advertised in issue #1, called The Cheryl Ladd Odyssey.

Issue 1

The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter 1 was published in May/June 1990 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Update on Cheryl's Recent Projects and Other Personal News
  • "Millennium" film review
  • Collectible Offers/Dealers
  • Want Ads
  • Guidelines for Active Fans
  • Fan Feedback
  • Viewpoint
  • Fan Survey
  • Photos
  • Special Offer of a Unique 2 1/2 Hour Video All on Cheryl Ladd, see The Cheryl Ladd Odyssey

Issue 2

The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter 2 was published in Aug/Sept 1990 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • News Update
  • "Bluegrass" film review
  • A Brief Ladd Bio
  • Cheryl's TV and Movie Credits
  • Photos
  • New Dealer Contacts
  • Fan Feedback
  • A New Survey
  • Want Ads and Q&A

Issue 3

The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter 3 was published in Nov/Dec 1990 and contains 16 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • News Update about Cheryl's Latest Work
  • Viewpoint
  • Article: Where Was that Clip From?
  • "Now and Forever" film review
  • Guidelines
  • Charlie's Angels Episode Guide, Cheryl's First Two Seasons
  • Photos, Trivia Contest, Want Ads, Fan Feedback Memorabillia, Q&A, New Fan Survey, Offer for Back Issues

Issue 4

The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter 4 was published in Jan/Feb/Mar 1991 and contains 18 pages.

cover of issue 4
  • News Update: Cheryl's New Movie
  • "Crash: The Mystery on Flight 1501", film review
  • Charlie's Angels Episode Guide, Cheryl's Final Two Seasons
  • Viewpoint
  • Photos
  • Trivia Contest and Want Ads
  • Fan Feedback
  • New Survey Questions
  • Memorabillia
  • Offer for Back Issues
  • Help Advertise Locally for The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter