The Characters' Meyers-Briggs Scores

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Title: The Characters' Meyers-Briggs Scores
Creator: LoneThinker
Date(s): late 1990s
Medium: online
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: The X-Files commentary and analysis: characters' Meyers-Briggs typing, Archived version
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The Characters' Meyers-Briggs Scores is an essay by LoneThinker.

It is one of many essays at The Cave's X-Files Commentary Archives.

Her conclusions:



The Meyers-Briggs scale is a personality test based upon the work of Jung. It was first brought to my attention by Zuffy, who had taken it at work. While sceptical of anything that drops you into a neat little box, Zuffy was so impressed by the results of her test that she went back and took it as Scully in order to further 'test the test'. The results she got were amazingly on-target, so she e-mailed me and asked me to further test the test by taking it as Mulder. I was shocked, frankly, at how well the Meyers-Briggs typing described him. Eventually I returned tot take the test as Scully/Skinner/Krycek and each time the results were uncannily descriptive--and enlightening--of the characters and their deeper motivations. You may ask what right I have to think I can take the test as these characters, and you're free to question it if you like; my only explanation is that I find it very easy to slip under the skin of characters and look out through their eyes. Beyond that, take a look at the results and judge for yourself whether the profile describes the character as you know him/her.