The Bourbon Street Follies

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Name: The Bourbon Street Follies
Owner/Maintainer: Stef
Dates: 1997 - ?
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles
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The Bourbon Street Follies was a Vampire Chronicles fansite. It was hosted at GeoCities.

Description from Mona's Fiction Page:
Stef's page is subheaded "the lamest little page on the world wide web", but don't you believe it. She may be even more Vamp-obsessed than I am (shocked?), and she's got absolutely delicious links to neckbiting pages of all sorts, including the elusive A-B-A-R archive. So go see The Bourbon Street Follies and slake your thirst for blood.[1]

Links to Anne Rice sites on the Web

  • The Official Anne Rice Homepage
  • One of the best unofficial Anne pages out there.--maintained by Lisa Rowe of AR listserv fame. Too many casting threads for my liking, but it's a very friendly place, especially if you're new to net fandom.
  • The Website of Louis de Pointe du Lac--Silver Hawk's lovely site--she's finally back online, so expect more updates.
  • The Brat Queen's Castle--Home of the abar FAQ as well as some great specs for those of us still suffering a Memnoch hangover.
  • Le Chevalier Jazz--sadly is no more. I'll be linking the new message boards, Moonscrolls and Blood Tears, shortly. Bear with me.
  • Interview With the Vampire Photo Gallery--I *liked* Tom as Lestat. And even if Antonio was too old to play Armand, he's still pretty hot. (I finally figured out why this link isn't working, damn my HTML-impaired hide. Sorry, y'all.)
  • Strange Places--the name is appropriate, oddly enough. *g* Not only the home of some great VC links, but the kickoff point for some of the best Methos and fanfic sites out there! *thud*
  • Love Letters To A Vampire--Zamia's page, with some links of various interest and the beginnings of a great story! Go look, and encourage her to keep writing!
  • Lady of Insanity--my beloved Lucharbar wife, zine connection, and all around sweetest woman in the world. Hello, angel face! She's a Louisian, but she loves me anyway.
  • Essential Insanities--Formerly the Devil's Road. One of the first pages I ever got to when I first went online. I'm proud to call Twilight a friend. She's branching into X-Files stories, too. Love that Krycek. (9/99 Note: This link is moving, as Twi really isn't so into VC anymore. But it's a great page, so go see!)
  • Black Emeralds--Oh, wow. My other minion-mother-in-law, (whom I haven't heard from in eons, where are you?), this is an incredible page which you must see to believe. Which, of course, you couldn't till now, 'cause I had transposed two of the numbers, darn it all anyway.

Fanfic Reviews and Links

  • The A.B.A-R Spec Archive, graciously maintained by the Black Rose. Filled with a great deal of teenybopper dreck now, but that's not her fault. Go and read some of the older stuff...and some of the older authors are still posting occasionally. Worth it when you find it, honest.
  • Mona's Fiction Page--alas, alack, is no more, no more! I left the link up, though, because she has a mailing list instead, as well as where to find her stories across the net.
  • Theatre des Vampires--this link is only staying up until I move it to my AR page. I don't think I've been there in ages. At the time, though, it was pretty good. Probably still is. Give 'er a whirl.
  • Prana--Methosgrrl's site. Some very eclectic links, as well as beautiful fiction.
  • the flambeau factory--"torch blah blah blah greatest living slash writer yada yada yada read it all dit dit dit." You know the drill. She's a goddess. You've already been there, for heaven's sake. If I'm your first stop on the Slash Train, kiddo, I have to tell you, you're doing something wrong.
  • Essential Insanities--Twi, Twi, Twi. *snif* She helped unlock my inner bitch. I love her, I miss her, I envy her. A wonderful writer who has the ability to truly evoke a mood and setting. Read her stuff, you won;t be sorry. She was (is?) also the hostess of the now-defunct Sarcasm Brigade page--which was dedicated to irreverent, viciously nasty, and sadly needed criticisms of the awful things people are calling specs these days (and the reason I was run out of VC fandom on a rail, tee hee!). All hail Twilight. I adore this woman.
  • Rotoli della Luna--I know I have the link wrong for this, and the sad thing is, at this point I don't care. Watching the fandom is like passing a wreck on I-95. You don't want to look, but you slow down anyway. More on this later. I'm starting to get depressed.
  • And despite my meanderings above, we can't forget the grandaddy of them all, the one, the only, the often imitated but never duplicated duplicated... Fan Fiction on the Net


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