The Bond (Star Trek: TOS novel)

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Title: The Bond
Author(s): Olivia Jean Ecklund (Jeannie Ecklund)
Cover Artist(s): unclear
Illustrator(s): Diane Marchant, Barbara P. Gordon, Mary Bodanowicz, Jeannie Ecklund, Ron Odum, Ann Leonhart, Gerlinde Junggunst, and Lori Meyers.
Date(s): 1980
Medium: print
Genre: non-explicit het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, not credited, likely Barbara P. Gordon
back cover, Barbara P. Gordon
art credits

The Bond is a Spock/Christine novel by Jeannie Ecklund.

It has art by Diane Marchant, Barbara P. Gordon, Mary Bodanowicz, Jeannie Ecklund, Ron Odum, Ann Leonhart, Gerlinde Junggunst, and Lori Meyers.

Several of the chapters of this zine were previously printed in a slightly different form in Star Daze #1.

From the dedication page:

[I thank] Diane Marchant: Who has been holding her breath waiting for this book to come out. Who filled my head with wonderful praise and a few gentle criticisms. (Hope you haven't turned blue yet, It's been a long time in coming.) Also thanks for the drawings which where inspired by the first draft. Especially Spock by the ocean.

From the editorial:

Dear Fellow Star Trek fans and especially those who are Spock/Christine fans. Welcome to my own Star Trek reality. I have worked over three years on this book.


For those of you who have suffered through the first three chapters of THE BOND in Star Daze on, I apologize. I hope that you will find some improvement in the new version.

I have always been a Spock/Christine fan and have never read any good stories on them except the fantastic Crossroad series by Juanita Salicrup, and Fragments, a short series of stories in an Australian fan zine called Spock. The writer is not identified. (But I know).

Any way I wanted to write a story that was interesting and not too mushy. I tried to show the need they have for each other and the struggle they go through to be able to live with each other. The learning and growing. I have set my story within our relm [sic] of episodes. Did Spock and Christine Bond and Marry right in front of our eyes? Please let me know if you think my story is believable or not. If you are wondering if there will be a sequal [sic]. Yes, if there is enough call for it. I have already begun writing the story. I will go back and change the beginning a bit to include the movie. Please let me know what you think.

Regarding the art:

A Special Thanks to those who took the time to do all of these beautiful drawings. A big BOO for the Post Awful who lost a package of drawings that Lori Meyers sent. By looking at the one drawing that did reach me I'm sure you will agree that we have all lost out by this loss.