The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Cheile

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Cheile
Interviewer: The Best of Trek Fanfic
Interviewee: Cheile
Date(s): January 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Trek: DS9 and Star Trek: VOY
External Links: An Interview with Cheile; reference link
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The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Cheile was conducted in 2000.

It is part of a series of nineteen interviews, see The Best of Trek Fanfic.


[What is your favorite series to watch? To write for? To watch?]: DS9, with Voyager a close second. to write for - DS9 and Voyager probably share that title. My Voyager muse just emerged first.
[What type of fanfic do you like to write?]: Mostly romantic stuff, because I am a hopeless romantic at heart. "Kira's Prayer" was probably the first thing I wrote that wasn't entirely romance, though it contained some romantic factors in it.
[Do you have any advice for other fanfic authors?]: Write, write, write, and don't give up. And don't let anyone who tries to tear you down succeed because THEY think your writing sucks.
[What is your favorite fanfic?]: Like choosing a favorite episode, this is difficult. My favorite Voyager authors are probably D'Alaire, JoAnna Walsvik and Janet Toner of P/T fandom, and Your Cruise Director aka YCD of J/C fandom. For DS9, Naomi, Katia, Seema and Carrie are the best of Worf/Jadzia. Odo/Kira has so many great authors that I couldn't possibly list them all, but Greenwoman's "Reconsider Me", Carolyn Fulton's "Basilisk", Cecy Pelz' "A Lonely Place to Be", Lori Summers' "Angle and Plane"/"Circle and Spiral", Kyroka's "Bloodfire", Roxane Gilbert's "Faith Along the River", Amylynn's "The Gift" and Trace Hemenover's "A New Light" are just a few of my favorites.