The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net

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Name: The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net
Date(s): August 29, 1997 - 2001 (went static), 2006 (went offline), 2008 (site resurrected by ladyphoenix9) - present
Archivist: John Hitchens, Serenity and Nephrite, ladyphoenix9
Founder: John Hitchens
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Sailor Moon
URL: (current URL) (original URL[?] via Wayback)
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The Best Sailor Moon Fanfiction on the Net is a fanfiction archive started by John Hitchens in 1997. After a few years online, and trading ownership to Serenity and Nephrite, the site went offline completely in 2006. It was saved by ladyphoenix9 in 2008 and remains online since.


"John Hitchens started this collection on August 29, 1997. In the words of the previous version of the site:

This page came to be while John Hitchens went through his Windows 95 recycle box, where he had roughly 100 MB of Sailor Moon files built up over two years of reading. He restored them all, then culled them. After several years of maintaining the site, he ran out of time. He was going to shut down the site at the end of 1999, but Serenity and Nephrite stepped in and volunteered to keep the page going.

Not long after Serenity and Nephrite assumed ownership, the host they were using was shut down. They moved again, and from what I can tell, Nephrite dropped out of the project at this point. Despite promises to update and add to the collection, the page was static after 2001. The site went offline sometime in 2006. I resurrected the site in 2008."[1]


There is an alphabetical list by title which shows all the stories on one (large) page. However they are also broken down by categories:

By character:
Mercury Venus Moon & Earth Mars
Jupiter Inner Senshi Uranus & Neptune Outer Senshi
By Time Period:
Silver Millennium Before the First Season First Season Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon S SuperS or Stars After Stars Crystal Tokyo
By Genre:
Epics Crossovers Humour Romance
Drama Action

Authors Archived

Sievart Dinar Ysabet Chris Davies Victor Naqvi Tim Nolan +Gradient
F.L. Tatum Mei Mark Latus Mako-chan Lilac Summers LeVar Bouyer
Saint Erythros Laura Hudson Frank Barr Renee-chan Pandora Diane MacMillan Douglas Helm
"Tuxedo" Will Wolfshohl Matt Burns John "P-Chan" Laughlin Elizabeth Tuckwood Sailor Hooze Lindsay Eagle
Jade Jelynne Lunari Greenbeans His Lordship Chaos Monica Shin
Little Ru Nikki Purvis Razzz Ken Wolfe RazorclawX Sailor Jonna
Eric den Biesen Wandering Angel John Hitchens Devon Smith Jeffrey Hosmer Lady Neptune H.
Sexylyon Scott Delahunt Kenjiro Cross Meara Scott K. Jamison Sailor Charon
David H. Olivier Richard Lawson Michaela Wills Robyn, Duke of Amber Jackie Chiang Becky Goldstein
Jennifer Wand Heles MacAnemy Grace Ting Andy Combs Clea Saal Ross TenEyck
Yang Wenli Jendra Bill Harris Jon Carp Rhyaniwyn Dark Ferret
John Biles Amanda Rose Distant Sailor Mike Chenoweth Adam Greg Taylor
Lady Otaku

"Not Stored Locally/Removed Stories" authors

CJ Elwyn Skye Pandora Diane MacMillan Lady Brick